Thursday, May 19

under the walnut tree

dress - self made
rubber boots - my grandma's

pics from last week
from my country trip
guess what
i'm packing up again
to go to the very same place
grandma called
to let me know that cherries are red enough
so my cousin and i decided to 
pay a surprise visit to grandma and cherries and the country
gonna make myself a new stash 
of cherry brandy


  1. i want to go fabric shopping with you, and cherry brandy making, and then we'll make multicolor garments out of the fabric, and run around town on rainy days in flowered boots and blind everyone.

    barring that, i guess i'll have to steal another dress idea from you.

  2. cherries are ripe here too, and they are soooooo good!

  3. oona, that sounds like a dream plan to me
    we should make it happen

  4. Da, da, tvoja slika je izasla u elle-u
    Bas si mi ulepsala dan komentarom :)