Wednesday, May 14

prison uniform nettie

bodysuit - nettie
shorts - self made
hand me down trench
mountaineering boots - alpina

boy, am i tired of this shorts..
and living out of a suitcase, for that matter..
but these shorts are the only thing in said suitcase
that pairs well with my fabulous new nettie
well.. if we don't count those silly pvc shorts pictured below
i kind of thought they would look fab with my prison nettie
but once i saw the pics
 i'm pretty sure no one should be seen in public wearing that
(but i'll admit it was pretty fun sewing pvc shorts..
and i hope to find a nice dominatrix lady to sell them to her)
ok.. back to the nettie!
i love this one even more than nettie #1
it's super  comfy and super fabulous looking
(gonna look even more fabulous with circle skirts
and fluffy tulle skirts..
can not wait to be reunited with my closet)
this nettie is made in straight size 6
and this time i used 4-way stretch fabric
so it fits like a dream and is equally comfy
no matter what you do:
dance in a pub
go on a mushroom picking hike
or lounge watching orphan black

Friday, May 9

spring bits and pieces

beginning of may is always festive in serbia..
first, there is 1st of may
international workers day:
meaning two days off work and school
and this year these two days merged with weekend
resulting in spring break
1st of may is kind of a big deal over here
and that has nothing to do with it's origin
for most people, it's just the day you're supposed to spend out in the nature
drinking and barbecuing with bunch of friends!
just this year
we get to do all that drink-eat-repeat routine for 4 full days
up in the mountains with 60 (!?) friends..
not an easy task for me
as i've spent most of those 4 days looking like an elephant man
with left side of my face swollen..
and i had a company:
my friend nebojsha (meaning daredevil! coolest name ever)
 wore an eye patch
because of some eye injury that refuses to go..
we looked totally ridiculous together
(you'll have to trust me on that
no way in hell i'm sharing my elephant man phase photos)
once back to civilisation and off the booze
antibiotics finally kicked in
and my face shrunk to it's normal proportions
then it was 6th of may
st george's day
one of the very important slavas in serbian ortodox church
another custom that requires drink-eat-repeat approach
but, since we're not really a religious bunch
we're never invited to such events..
so we went mushroom picking instead
(funny thing is, that these particular mushrooms we picked
are actually called st george's mushrooms)
wanted to make few posts on various meals we prepared this may
but i'm too lazy to do it
and, after all, this is sewing blog
so there you have them all mixed up:
grilled st george's mushrooms 
and local cheese and onions..
various beans
and my favorite:
potatoes and onions and carrots and morels (type of wild mushrooms)
slowly cooked in wine in traditional ceramic pot..
possibly the best meal of my life

Tuesday, May 6

nettie ballerina

top - nettie
skirt - flea market
'silver screen stars' leggings - self made

meet my first nettie!
isn't she sweet?..
made her few weeks ago
she was a top secret project
as i was pattern tester for fabulous lady heather lou
mastermind behind this pattern
never really thought of myself as bodysuit kind of gal
but, once again, i was proven wrong
so expect to see at least dozen more netties coming from me
my inspiration for this nettie:
flashdance meets ballerina sort of bodysuit
to be worn as a workout outfit
(and help me feel a little bit girly
while doing ton of push ups and punches)
so my version is high neck
and (really) low back, with short sleeves
(but nettie has many other options for you to choose from
including a very sexy dress variation!)
i cut the size 6, graded to 8 at the hips
and, for once, followed the instructions..
being a tester, i kind of had to.. 
they are beautifully written and well illustrated
and nettie pattern is pretty much idiot proof
(believe me.. for this version i used 2-way stretch 
instead of 4-way, that pattern calls for
and my nettie still fits real well!
may be a bit too tight for sit ups
but i upgraded her to regular wear
and she looks fabulous with skirts..
the only downside is that, since i planned to wear it as workout clothes
i skipped the snaps crotch closure
so it's not beer-friendly)
are you sewing any netties?