Sunday, July 15

lets talk books

dress - self made
sandals - novecento

when i was a kid
i rather stayed at home reading books
than going out to play with my friends
i'm one of those peeps that stay up all night
when book is too exciting
refusing to leave it, before reading the last sentence
i'll always remember the day
when winnetou died
i think that's the day when my childhood was over
i was devastated for a long time, crying and not sleeping and everything
and when it was over, i was suddenly a grown up
childhood obsession with karl may
was replaced with later obsession with henry miller
he was and is my favorite pervert (sorry charles bukowski, though i love you too)
every time i read him, i feel like i'm reading my thoughts
i feel like i know him, in some disturbing way
then it was all about good ol' edgar allan poe
then i discovered magic realism
and dived into the sea of marquez and rushdie and bulgakov
wanting to drown and stay in their fantastic worlds for good
.. i never get over any of those fellas..
midnight's children is going to be my favorite book until the day i die,
i just know it, no matter what i might read in the meantime
(i read the damn thing seven times, after all
that's how much i love it)
after that, i had a short fling with fantasy books
but it never was my thing
though i loved douglas adams a lot
then it was poetry
insane amounts of jacques prevert, and neruda, lorca, mayakovsky, stanescu
one day, it stopped..
i just stopped reading anything
and that reading vacuum went for a while
i never completely understood why 
it infected me last year, again
now all i ever want to do is read books
and than read more books
i don't have favorites anymore
give me a book
and i gonna read it
hell, i gonna devour it
and than have another one
last week favorites:
the road - cormac mccarthy
papa you're crazy - william saroyan
the ring is closed - knut hamsun
any suggestions?
and sorry my post has nothing to do with the dress from the pics
i just can't talk fashion these days
grave digging on friday the 13th sort of killed my fashion sense