Sunday, June 30

blue party dress

dress - self made

i'm spending weekend in the countryside
with some friends 
it's all sun, beer and barbecue..
and balloons as we celebrate
1st birthday of one special gentlemen 
and this is my new party dress
in other news:
i made my first ever baby quilt!
and i actually had fun making it..
gonna show it to ya next time

Friday, June 21

dorothy's dress

dress - self made (former skirt from flea market)

when i bought this skirt
i actually planned to wear it as a skirt
and then i never did..
it was a bit larger 
and a lot longer than it should be
and i was too damn lazy to do something about it
then one day it struck me:
i'm going to turn it into a dress!
i'm going to make it be my dorothy dress!
i know what you're thinking:
dorothy's dress is blue not red!
well, i have a solution for that:
my ruby slippers are blue!
so.. it's more of 'reverse dorothy's dress'
than the real one
and where are those blue slippers, you ask?
on my feet..
 i forgot to take a photo of them
blame it on heat
and those handsome cherries that distracted me

Monday, June 17

who are you wearing? i wear oonaballoona!

maxi dress - made by oonaballoona

i have a sister
 from another mister..
her name is oona,
of the clan balloona
she is fabulous and colorful
and ridiculously talented..
she makes me laugh
and she makes me think
and share my love for booze
and she somehow
knows my body better then i do
so she made me a dress
that fits like a glove 
just to let me know
how it should be done

Wednesday, June 5

polka dots and gingham


skirt - self made
blouse - flea market, refashioned 
roses - my mom's

it's time for making cherry brandy, again
 time for homemade pies
time for country house visits 
time for mom's floating island 
it's also time for november, apparently