Wednesday, May 29

shirt dress challenge

dress - burda magazine 04/2019/#119

i really loved april issue of burda magazine
and even managed to sew two patterns from the issue already
(other is a boiler suit pattern, that i'm crazy about)..
have also traced couple more patterns 
hopefully i'll get to make those soon as well
anyways, one day i was chatting with my friend tea
and we realized that we both have planed
to sew this very dress
(except that she wanted to make other version
with ruffled sleeves and hem)
and the idea of 'shirt dress challenge' was born
as it reminded us of those golden blogging days
and our previous coat challenge

our deadline this time was easter
but, as per the ushe, i failed to do that in time
and finished mine couple days later
which turned out to be completely unimportant,
since we're heaving a really cold month of may
and dress just hung in my closet
waiting for that one sunny day
when we can get our new dresses out for the spin

dress is a really easy one to make
not too much to say about it
other than you'll probably want to size down 
if you're making it,
as it runs pretty large..
i made a size 38, and can get in and out of the dress
without unbuttoning it..
also, it definitely needs a belt
as it's pretty shapeless without one
and not in a cool way..
but i love it, it's comfy, and a plan to make one more
but in solid color
and with breast pockets and shoulder details
as per the pattern instructions

this is what most of my pictures look nowadays
when my young shooting assistant is around:

and here's a sneak peek of tea's gorgeous dress
now go to her place to find out more about it