Sunday, October 15

color blue

dress - burda magazine 01/2017/#112
sweater - burda magazine 10/2015/#109
sweatshirt - burda magazine 01/2017/#102

i changed my serger threads from pink i've been using for ages to royal blue
to make the dress with ruffles
and, those blue threads then inspired
a week of sewing royal blue stuff!
laziness is a funny thing, right?
dress was on my 'list' for a long time
loved the ruffle, which is funny
 i don't usually love ruffles
as they're a bit too girly for my style
but this ruffle i liked..
chose a lycra fabric, that has crepe-like texture
and doesn't fray, so the edge of the ruffle could be left 'raw'
i wish i wasn't lazy and did the hem by hand
might get back to it at some point, 
but hem aside, it's a great dress
makes me wanna dance my heart out
not a lot of clothes have that power
also, one could argue it's too short
but i think it's fine with tights or leggings
sweater is made out of some sort of
boiled wool knit fabric
that i had in my stash for some time..
it's a very thick fabric, super warm
(and also kinda scratchy
so it's 'only for the brave' kinda sweater)..
it's an easy thing to construct
and i made this one using only serger
i hemmed it by hand, but did that after these photos were taken
so that's why the hem looks wonky

i've also made a hoodie for my friend johnny
don't have a photo of that hoodie
so you'll have to take my word for it,
but i had some leftover fabric after finishing it
and i used it to make this cropped sweatshirt
that my friend greska is wearing in pics bellow

i've also made a pair of pants for a customer
and finished an upholstery project for a friend
 both of those were blue as well..
and i actually run out of blue serger thread 
after i finished the last one of 'blue period' things yesterday
working on some backpacks at the moment
nikola is helping me with leather parts
and i'm really loving how those are looking so far!
hope to share them with you soon

Thursday, October 5

pink safari

jacket - burda 02/2013/#102

couple weeks ago i made a list
of all the things i've been saying i'll sew one day
when i find time to do it
but never manage to find the time
some of those things are silly
like new ironing board cover
or oven mitts..
sure, i can buy me some oven mitts
but i have bunch of scraps that can be used to make them
so i don't buy them
and don't make them either, because - time!boring!
there's a lot of shit on the list,
and i'm pretty sure i'll never make all of those things
but writing them all down felt like a small victory
and also motivated me to actually find time
and make this jacket
ignoring the fact that it's wrong color, fabric and style for fall
as it's clearly a spring kind of a jacket
btw, who invents all those rules?
"wrong colors" for fall.. or "wrong colors" for redheads..
and this clearly is a "wrong color" for safari jacket
but, it's not that i'm going to wear it on an actual safari
and i guess 99.9% of peeps wearing 
"proper" colored safari jackets won't wear them on a safari either..
there's no need for it to blend into an environment
so it might as well be bright pink

fabric is rayon of some sorts
bought it years ago, it was a remnant
(and was also labeled as 'linen')
i had to take a risk and cut the jacket in size 36 
instead of my usual 38, 
as i did not have enough fabric to make bigger size..
luckily, the risk payed off, and the jacket fits
it wasn't a complicated sewing project
but did take more time than i expected
as there was a lot of fiddly parts and topstitching involved
i'm super happy with the jacket
been wearing it constantly since it's finished
and plan on wearing it for as long as the weather permits..
also, i'm super happy that i have one item checked off the list!
probably should try making one of the less inspiring things next though
such as that new ironing board cover