Wednesday, April 23


kimono - self made
shorts - self made

few days ago we had a snow storm.. and white easter
today is all about never ending rain
but yesterday
yesterday was perfect

Thursday, April 10

wearing the pants

pants - self made
jacket - self made
tote bag - self made

last time i showed you a muslin version of pants
now it's time for the real deal:
pants made in wool and silk italian made fabric
(yes, i paid only 5 euros for that particular remnant box find
but believe me when i say that shit is luxurious!)
decided to finally clean my closet the other day
an action long overdue
that resulted in rediscovery of this knitted ripped back top
that i have for over a decade
but totally forgot about..
pairs real well with my new pants
if i do say so myself
and how do you like my studded cowboy booties?
i'm obsessed with them so much so, that i may start sleeping in them
so i don't have to take them off ever

Friday, April 4

thoughts on integrity

pants - self made
blazer - zara
shirt - vintage

for years on end
i walk around in my bright skirts and dresses
telling everyone how i really really really hate pants..
and how i think satin is only for lingerie and bedding
and should never be worn in public
and here i am.. in public
wearing satin pants