Saturday, May 21

nice day to start again

dress - self made

my new favorite dress
made two nights ago
back from the country
sooner then i wanted to
there are two reasons for that
reason one
though i'm in love with the nature
nature kind of hates me
giving me allergies
one flower bouquet cost me some 327 sneezes
and i happen to love wandering trough the field 
picking flowers
reason two
i have to sew sew sew 
 to finish all these garments i planned to
since the next week i'll bee selling them
random fact
i just found a tick
on my lower stomach
appears that nature in some of its forms
do love me
(again, it's not vice versa
so i brutally murdered the poor creature)


  1. i feel like such a stalker but i just laugh out loud at your poem stories and LOVE your creations to death!!! are those stripes i spie as facing??

  2. thank you from the bottom of my heart, oona
    love is mutual :)
    it's even better then stripes hehe
    navy fabric with small white apples print

  3. Ooh, this is beautiful, I love the circle skirt!
    Does this means you make your living selling the beautiful stuff you sew?

  4. thank you anna
    not that i earn living of it
    but i hope i might one day
    it's still in it's baby stage
    but i hope in couple of years
    i might be able to make it work
    still have so many things to learn
    and practice practice practice
    but.. i do sell my things
    this is going to be my third time
    to participate in such handmade-fashion-fair events