Friday, October 18


dress - vintage, thrifted 

it was rainy november evening
last year
i was walking, to clear my head..
been rather stressed out back then
that last couple months of excavations were quite bad..
so.. i was walking
and then i saw this crazy print in a thrift shop window
i couldn't tell what the garment looked like
but the print made me smile
(and i wasn't smiling a lot back then)
so i had to see what it was
it was a dress
that was ridiculously small
i tried it on
well.. tried to try it on
and got stuck in it
in one of those 'mr bean' moments
took me some 5 minutes to free myself from it..
but i bought it anyways
it made me smile, after all
altering it wasn't an option
it's a beautifully made dress
(and i believe it's home made one, 
has only simple machine seams, and a lot of neat hand stitching
and handmade buttonholes too)
i guess it's from late 60's or early 70's
can't be sure, if someone has better idea, i'm happy to hear it..
it's made of that beautiful colorful wool fabric
(or some sort of wool blend
no way in hell i'm burn testing it to find out)
and fully lined
and has a matching belt
almost a year later i can finally wear it..
it's still a bit snug..
was made for someone with narrow shoulders
so no matter how much weight i lose,
it's never going to fit just right
but i can live with that
and it still makes me smile

Tuesday, October 15


recipe for a perfect day:
a bit of free time
few of your favorite peeps
open fire
and some cannellini beans..
beer is optional

Friday, October 11

fall cyborg

dress - self made
heels - borrowed 

to my brain
this print looked like what i imagine
cyborg would look like with skin removed
(as opposed to skinless human
when you get to see all the muscles and fat and stuff
and i'm yet to find a fabric with that kind of print)
dunno what the print is supposed to represent
and, frankly, don't care
to me - it's cyborg!
and i had to make myself a cyborg dress
and then i killed the whole cyborg vibe
with that autumnal photo shoot
and nature and colorful leaves and shit..
got seduced by autumn, in a way
(we actually may end up being besties, autumn and i)
in other news:
made my first ever french baguette
(well, i made four of them actually)
of those fancy artisan kind
when you spend two days working on it..
but it was worth every minute:


Monday, October 7

day in a pine forest

dress - self made
leggings - self made 
belt - vintage
boots - old
mushrooms - suillus granulatus

i don't like you!
you're cold and not in the mood for bare legs
you're moody and rainy 
but since i can't really move to southern hemisphere at the moment
let's try to be friends this year, ok?
 i'm easy to bribe, though
and you know it, autumn..
all the berries and mushrooms and fruits you offer
make me less bitchy than my usual autumnal self!
thank you for that!
not like we're going to be besties now
but i sure do like you a little bit more
so, please, keep spoiling me

how insane is this dress?
i need more of these
it's a perfect travel dress too
as you can transform it to several different looks