Tuesday, May 17

guide to mood swinging

dress - self made
cardigan - zara
belt - vintage
bag - vintage
flats - novecento

how to ruin a perfect day?
first you wake up in sunny disposition
have a great morning
 coffee and cookies and book
pinch of good ol' jazz
just to spice it up
then you get out
and wait for a very crowded bus
make sure there is at least two loonies in it
and at least five people that do not bath 
more often then twice a year
also, make sure you don't get out of that bus
not before the very last bus stop
not before you are squeezed as a lemon
when you do get out of it
make sure its raining
and you don't have an umbrella 
('cause, of course, you don't like umbrellas
so why bother having one)
and voila
perfect day ruined
disposition rainy 
how do you win your day back?
go to the biggest shoe store you can find
and try every single pair of shoes you like
just for the fun of it
(you can not afford any shoes
but they don't know that)
when you're done playing around
go to the flea market
and get two lovely vintage dresses
for 1 euro
from gipsy lady
who probably dumpster dived them


  1. when i read this i was terribly in need of an upswing and was so excited to hear you had the answer (because yours was indeed the perfect start to a day).

    then i realized i needed a gypsy vintage market and quietly closed the computer lid, and went in search of some vodka.

    (word verification: clingsm, which is what that lovely drapey maxi does in perfect amounts on you.)

  2. ..
    if i had any vodka at home
    might have skipped
    flea market wandering