Monday, December 8

summer bits and pieces

it's a little bit late for this kind of a post right now
since it's almost winter
and there is a big chance it's gonna snow tomorrow night..
but, what the hell
lets pretend it's summertime, all over again
so, this summer
nikola and i have spent a month traveling trough herzegovina
and dalmatia..

we swam in ice cold water, at kravice waterfall
(in handmade swimsuit, of course)

and hiked a bit, with our croatian friends

visited medieval town of počitelj

and spent a week or two wild camping
at mouth of river neretva

since we came back from our trip
i've made ridiculous amount of clothes
but somewhere along the line, it stopped being fun to blog about that..
while i enjoy sewing, and sew every single day
taking photos of garments and writing about those garments 
or generally, writing about anything
became such a drag..
so.. dunno.. maybe it's just a phase
it's been a hard year (apart from that one month spent traveling)..
maybe next year brings blogging mojo back