Tuesday, January 22

going bananas

dress - self made
heels - peacocks

this is my birthday party dress
for months i knew exactly
how i wanted my birthday party dress to look like:
bright red one
with low cut drape back
and pencil skirt
then i failed to find the right red fabric
if you wonder why i look like a flight attendant
here is your answer
if you wonder what my brooch is
it's half peeled banana
if you wonder was i drunk 
while sewing the dress
and therefore screwed up the print matching 
and used so wrongly colored zipper
answer is: no.
i was creative

Thursday, January 17

on the loose

peplum top - self made
pants - thrifted
rubber boots - benetton
blurry pic coat - self made

you should see my house right now
it looks like a hurricane passed trough it
there is also a hurricane
making mess with my brain
my left half of the brain shut down
while the right one is running wild
i missed doing fun and creative things
so now i want to do all those things
and with left brain on strike
and therefore, no sense of logic
i'm trying to do them all at once
right now i'm juggling
sewing, pattern tracing, knitting, cooking, 
bathroom cleaning (ok, that doesn't sound creative
but i made my own cleaning solution, and had to try it out), 
picture framing, 
party planning and photographing..
and that's just past hour or two i'm talking about
should try to fix my brain with a sudoku or something
before i start painting the walls 
 upholstering furniture
and writing poetry 

Friday, January 11

there is no place like home

dress - thrifted
boots - too old to remember where i got them

and i'm back
well, i'm back for couple of weeks already
but i needed some time 
to catch up with my life
'cause i sort of missed 8 months of it..
 i've missed
all those little silly things
that we take for granted
and excavations..
well it was fantastic
for the first several months..
after that, it was pretty much horrible
i stayed inside
doing stupid paper works
instead of being at site..
i had to spend time
with people i don't like 
in environment i don't like
doing things i don't like..
if it wasn't for nina
and alcohol 
i think i would completely lose it
but let's not talk about that
past is past
and one can learn from the past..
it's a new year after all
and it's going to be way better than last one
my sewing machine broke
but that's not bad news
as i'm getting myself a brand new one..
and i got a brand new serger already
and sewing dummy as well
it's one fun year ahead of me
are you with me?