Sunday, April 29

rusty hinge

my plan for today was simple:
work work and work..
there should be four of us at excavations 
plus our boss
but others have yet to come
meaning - i have to do job of four people
to manage 3 different excavation sites 
(with a little help of my boss)
take all the pictures
make all the sketches
write all the data myself
so.. you get the idea
busy days at site
and busy afternoons by the computer
so.. i had a plan for today
plan to finish all the documentation from past week
but then the sound woke me up 
in the middle of the night
sound of the rusty hinge 
repeating every couple of seconds
one rather annoying sound
so i spent the rest of the night
trying to figure out what makes that sound
where the damn hinge is
then i spent half of the day
trying to figure out what makes that sound
found no rusty hinge
nor anything similar
by the early afternoon
my brain decided that the sound is produced by an owl chick 
(why owl? beats me.. 
my brain works in strange ways)
so i spent the rest of afternoon 
trying to prove that theory
listening dozens of different owl chick squeaks 
then i found it
sound of the long eared owl
that's what's bothering me for hours
then i tried to locate the loud fella 
and,  miraculously, i found not one, but two of them..
i tried to photograph them
and, miraculously, my boss forgot his fancy camera when he left home for weekend
so i snapped a few close-up shots
it's bedtime
job is still unfinished
'cause i dedicated my entire day to ridiculous quest
and, no matter how cute little feather balls are
sound is still annoying
is someone gonna help me
to see what's the moral of this story
i'm too tired of squeaks to do that myself 

Wednesday, April 25


getting internet happened to be
way easier than i thought
'cause we happen to have cable net
in the house we're staying at
we are located in northern serbia, in a beautiful small village
small hungarian village, to be exact
so i almost feel like being abroad
(especially when communicating with our landlady
who speaks no serbian
so we talk with our hands, drawing our thoughts in the air
and finger pointing various things)
it was rainy this morning
so we decided not to work today
and i used the afternoon to walk a lot
get to know the village
and find some nice spots for future photo shoots 
not really sure
how i ended up with billion door pictures instead
but i like this little collage i made
and thought to share it with you

Sunday, April 22


blouse - thrifted
pants - trifted
shoes - flea market, vintage
belt - terranova

leaving for excavations early in the morning
for an unknown period of time
i'm super excited about everything:
new people i'm going to meet
new places i'm going to discover
and, above all, new and exciting things we might dig up this time
this is going to be one sleepless night
every time i'm this much excited
about some trip or new excavations start
(or new idea for the dress)
i loose the ability to fall asleep
when i settle down a bit
i'm going to find ways to have internet access
if it works out, i won't abandon le blog this time
(so, expect a bronze age skeleton instead of a new frock
every once in a while)

Thursday, April 19

getting ready

ruffle blouse - self made
skirt - vintage (gift)
heels - newyorker
clutch - self made

these are my new trowels
aren't they cute?
yes, i matched my outfit to them
like, you don't do that all the time?

Sunday, April 15


dress - self made
blazer - mom's 
boots - air step
belt - peacocks

it was nikola's 30th birthday the other day
and our 7th anniversary
and it's easter today
really colorful and lovely couple of days
with bbq parties
tons of baking
and romantic dinners
even the never ending rain
and my pms
failed to ruin our festive spirit

Friday, April 13

newest obsessions

skirt - vintage
blouse - thrifted
blazer - gap, thrifted
heels - newyorker 
bow brooch - self made

screamin' jay hawkins.. 
i'm insanely obsessed with him
good ol' jay has put a spell on me
and i don't want it removed
blazers.. i want them in all colors
and all cuts
and all shapes 
and all sizes 
stinky cheese 
any type of it
the stinkier the better
i want it for breakfast lunch dinner
and for snack too
ideal day:
i have pecorino and rocket salad for breakfast
blue cheese and some ripe goat cheese for lunch
with focaccia and wine 
some grilled cheese for dinner
or maybe czech stinky cheese and beer
maybe even a damn cheesecake..
i wear a moschino blazer
and by the bedtime
i can perform 'constipation blues' better than mr screamin' jay ever could himself

Saturday, April 7

5 things

dress - thrifted, altered to fit 
my new friend - morimus funereus aka long horned beetle (aka strizibuba)

5 things you can do wearing white-pink gingham circle dress:

walk barefoot through the woods
attract insects
make little boys smile 
have your skirt blown up, seven year itch style
replace a toilet seat in your bathroom 

Thursday, April 5

real selves

blouse - self made
blazer - zara (gift)
skirt - vintage
flats - peacocks
bag - no name
belt - peacocks

as i told you
i do silly jobs at fashion week
like zipping things up
hand sewing buttons
moving clothes here and there
matching it with right shoes
and all other kind of silliness
because none of what i do there is really important
my job makes me invisible
to all the 'real' workers in fashion
various vip wannabees, stylists, make up and hair artists, designers, models and other
and i absolutely love that
i always feel like some sort of sociologist
doing a research on human nature
'cause i get to see their real selves
if i would be introduced to those peeps
as a blogger
or an art historian
or even an archaeologist
they may look at me differently
and act differently
but.. i'm not introduced in any way
i'm just a girl moving clothes from here to there
and i'm invisible and therefore not important
so they drop the act
it's a funny thing
what a dash of fame can do to a human
and how swollen an ego can get