Wednesday, February 29

messy bun tutorial

pussy-bow blouse - self made (for sale)
skirt - flea market 1euro find
marry janes - peacocks 

these days you're not really a style or fashion blogger
unless you publish your very own
messy bun tutorial
so.. here is mine
after several bad attempts i've found the perfect way by accident
you start with regular non-messy type of bun
(see pictures above)
and then go for a jogging 
(2 km at least.. or if you want your bun really messy,  make that 3 km run
note - do not overrun, or your bun is going to desintegrate completely)

Friday, February 24


dress - self made
wedges - peacocks 
bow clip - self made

 yesterday i had superpowers 
for days before yesterday
i was dealing with some paperwork
taxes, health insurance, bank thingies 
and i was dealing with all that with no success
and lots of stress
but, yesterday i had superpowers
finished all those things 
with some sort of effortless magic 
also managed to get couple of unplanned jobs done
i walked in between tasks instead of taking a bus
so i did my 5 km walk 
superpowers i tell you
two tall handsome guys smiled at me
i believed even more into my superpowers
(turned out they wanted to convert me 
to some strange religion..
i told them i'm part deity
and run away)
then i decided i walked enough
i ran to catch a bus
and i managed to catch it
(i always miserably fail doing that.. well, always but yesterday)
back home, i made some pretzel dogs
for a party at our mountaineer club
got to the party on time (usually i'm late)
and even managed not to get wasted
(that's the biggest miracle of all)
i also wanted to sew this dress yesterday
but instead i shared some of my superpowers with nikola
and made the dress today

Monday, February 20

on the frozen blue danube

skirt - self made
top - self made
cardigan - terranova
coat - ramax
boots - dr martens
beret - mady by my aunt
guitar bag - self made

i was suggested to embelish my new skirt with an ashtray
and cafe menu

Saturday, February 18

smoother than silk

kimono robe - self made
lace trimmed slip (underneath) - self made

i don't believe in cozy sweaters and sweatpants
i don't own such thingies in my closet
even if i won't leave the house all day
i wear a dress.. or a skirt and a blouse
cardigan if it's cold
and heels almost all the time
(my neighbors from downstairs might kill me one day
if i don't switch to some more 'silent' shoes)
that was my life before yesterday
but then i made this kimono robe
from smoothest silk satin 
and i never ever want to take it off
i might stay in my flat forever wearing this

Monday, February 13

gone with the snow

blazer - zara, birthday gift 
shirt - mom's, from her high school days
skirt - flea market vintage
beret - handmade by my aunt
climbing boots - alpina 

these boots are made for walking up and down the mountain
snowy icy mountain
with crampons attached to them
i don't wear them with skirt and blazer
'cause i think that's oh-so-cool
but 'cause it's a necessity 
we are having ice age over here
there are insane amounts of snow
and freezing temperatures for month and a half 
trains stuck in the snow for days
avalanches burying villages
in case you wondered
yes, i wore a coat over that outfit
one more thing
i made that pussy bow
that's the only finished part of one pussy-bow blouse 
one that i started making a month ago
one that i'm having a big issue with
one that may never be finished
and i dunno why
do you know why?

Thursday, February 9


blazer - self made
dress - self  made
hat - peacocks, men's department
oxfords - flea market, vintage

i went out the other day
(before ice age days)
to run some errands 
wearing green dress
leopard print tights 
red leather jacket
orange shoes 
and probably blue cardigan
(or maybe grey one with brown tiny dots)
i took a bus
and guy sitting across from me
started crying
and i'm not shitting you
he really really started crying and sobbing 
(when i say guy, i don't mean kid
but guy in his early twenties)
maybe he just had a really bad day
but  maybe i need to buy myself a full size mirror

Wednesday, February 1

old portraits

ever since i was a kid
and got my first camera
(chunky zenit i still have and use)
i was sort of obsessed with photography
back then i knew nothing about photography
that didn't stop me from dragging my zenit with me
all the time
shooting everything and everyone
nowadays i still don't know much about photography
but still drag my nikon with me
all the time
taking thousands of pics
and then loosing them all
in ever-repeating computer crashes 
(i'm still too lazy to back up..
that is one of the reasons why zenit was superior
i still own all the pics that i took with zenit
those won't vanish all of a sudden)
today i manage to recover these two pics
that used to be my favorites
some years ago
first one is self-portrait 
other is underwater portrait of nikola
(that photo shoot almost killed him
i'm still amazed he didn't dump me
when he finally got out of the tub)