Friday, March 30

beans fashion

dress - handsewn by my mom, back in 1981.
jacket - self made
belt - peacocks
handbag - flea market
wedges - no name

two things that are going to mark
next couple days of my life -
fashion week
and beans
belgrade fashion week is starting tomorrow
i'll be there again, doing all kind of silly little things
+saying - "i can totally make that" way too often
(and "wtf is this?" equally often)
at the moment i'm quite excited about all that madness
that fashion week is
not too excited about the beans
you see.. i love beans
that's why i decided to have it for lunch today
we all love beans
so.. i decided to make a lot of it
so guys won't need to cook for a day or two
while i'm away
then my parents stopped by
and they brought one big pot of baked beans for us
so we don't need to cook for a day or two
now we don't need to cook until may
and we gonna produce more gas than a very active volcano
(fashion people - be on alert!)

Wednesday, March 28


jacket - self made
skirt - vintage, gift from a friend
top - no name
flats - tally weijl 
bag - flea market kitsch 

you know that feeling 
when there is a billion things on your to-do list
so you better move your ass
and move it fast
and do something about that
but instead
you do nothing
but slowly sip coffee
and dip cookies into it
and sip more coffee
and dip more cookies
and think of flying 
and wonder what that sleepy fella next to you is dreaming about?
that's how i feel right now
and i'm not about to move my ass
any time soon

Saturday, March 24

boys and girls

dress - self made
heels - peacocks 

the older i get
the more i tend to dress like a little girl
it's starting to be a bit disturbing
when i was a little girl
all i ever wanted was to be a boy
i dressed like a boy
i only had male friends
and had cars and guns instead of dolls 
(when i was 4-5 years old
i convinced myself i am a boy
and for days i tried to pee standing..
it drove my parents nuts)
i still have more male than female friends
i rather drink beer with boys
or go fishing or watch football
than go shopping and talk about things that girls talk about
i swear like a pirate
and can burp louder that anyone i ever met
isn't it a bit disturbing
that i do all that
dressed like a 5 year old girl?

Wednesday, March 21

let's not follow each other

dress - self made
flats - peacocks

i get a lot of "let's follow each other's blogs" comments lately 
i find those hilarious
is it really possible
that people send that to anyone and everyone
without even checking who they are 
or what they blog about
every comment usually start with
"i love your blog"
which is a complete lie 
why would you "love" something you know nothing about
and you refuse to even check out
(none of those peeps never bother to read a single post
i know that, 'cause i've checked statistics)
needless to say they  never do follow
they just set an ultimatum 
'follow me, and i gonna follow you'
(i expect that to turn into
'do not follow me, and you'll have seven years of bad luck'
from ultimatum to good old blackmail)
i just can't wrap my head around it
why is it all about numbers for some people?
why do you need 10459 followers that do not really read what you have to say
what's the point?
it's like having 10459 pairs of shoes that doesn't fit
i'd rather have just a few 
but few that fit me perfectly

Sunday, March 18

the good the bad and the ugly

dress - self made
petticoat - self made
cardigan - zara
flats - peacocks

weekend plans:
i'm gonna join my parents
and visit their country house up north
we gonna do some gardening 
drink a lot of beer and brandy
and threw a barbecue party for friends  
i'll walk a lot
look for some crazy looking insects
and in sunset, i gonna shoot my two fluffy spring outfits
night before we arrived, someone broke into the house
brandy is gone, some tools are gone
house is a mess
also, winter was insanely cold, 
some water pipes broke, so there is no water in the house..
but it's one lovely sunny day
so we do our gardening and beer drinking anyways
barbecue fire is on
and is left unattended for a moment
20 seconds later 
half of the orchard is on fire that is raging and moving up the hill
destroying everything on the way
we are all running around like maniacs, trying to put the fire down..
our first neighbor has an old hand water pump in the yard
so i'm pumping water like crazy
and running uphill with two big buckets full of water
and do that over and over again
20 minutes later
fire is under control
we are exhausted, dirty, sweaty, with lungs full of smoke
with scratches on arms and legs
with melted shoe soles..
if the wind haven't change the direction, no way we could have stopped that fire
this outfit was planned to be fun and girly
that was sooo not what i was feeling this morning, with all the muscle soreness 
so i tried to transform it into japanese horror 
that feels more like my weekend


i'm so exhausted today
that i'm absolutely unable to think in english
i've edited this post at least 15 times
(not on time though, i've lost a follower today, probably 'cause of my shminglish)
and i'm sure it is still full of mistakes
so i apologize for that

Wednesday, March 14

jade ruby amethyst

leather jacket - zara (birthday gift from nikola)
blouse - self made
skirt - vintage
oxfords - new yorker 

so.. you noticed i like mixing prints
few days ago i was organizing my closet
and i figured out that i do that
mostly 'cause i lack solids 
i have several black skirts
 few solid color dresses and blouses
and everything else in my closet is patterned
so.. my plan is to dilute it a bit
to make and thrift more of bright and vivid non-patterned garments
 it started well 
this skirt belonged to my friend's mom
she gave it to me few days ago
(among some other beautiful clothes
and vintage stash of fabric)
i almost fainted from excitement 
when i saw this color

Sunday, March 11

year one

it all started exactly one year ago
with this dress

and in between 
i made some dresses 

and more dresses 

i even made one in solid color

there were swimsuits

and there were coats 

and even pants

a blazer 

and skirts 

i refashioned 

and wore vintage 

i've been in the mountains

i've been at the sea 

i got a new tattoo 

i photographed fairies 

and i photographed models

and in the end, i photographed myself

it was one great year
and i'm so excited to see what happens in the next 365 days
thank you all for joining me on that journey 
thank you for all the kind words, love and support