Thursday, March 15

year seven

this year is having such a lazy start
that i almost forgot to write my yearly round up post
but here it is, couple of days late..
in year seven since i started sharing my sewing over this blog
i made my favorite piece of clothing ever

and discovered i can sew and rock a pair of skinny jeans
(kinda got late to that party.. 
at this pace, i'll get to sewing my first culottes
some time around 2026th)

i've also made couple of dresses for myself

but frankly, i spent most of the time
sewing clothes for other people..
which is totally fine
as i don't really need any more clothes
but i do love sewing
so this way i can keep doing it
without making my closet burst


made bunch of blazers, of course
i never seem to get tired of this oversized blazer pattern

but made everything else too
(was lazy to look for pics of the swimsuits
but i've made more than 20 of them past summer)

also, together with nikola (aka my husband)
i've made bunch of backpacks..
they're pretty much all i've been sewing past couple months
as i haven't really been productive..
but i hope to change that real soon

oh.. made a few bags too
almost forgot about those..
this one is my favorite

other than sewing
i've been knitting a bit..
finished one blouse (no good pics of it)
and couple hats..
started working on stonecutter pullover
by brooklyn tweed..
i loved knitting it, and finished front pretty fast
only to realize i won't have enough yarn
and there is no way i can find that particular colorway again
so.. yeah..
been pretty bummed about it for some time
but.. it is what it is
bought new yarn, in brick red color
and i bought a lot of it :)
so i'll try again, eventually..
 hope i'll be able to frog my previous try
and use that gorgeous yarn for something else

other than that
i've been baking a lot..
so we ate a ton khachapuri

and my sourdough bread baking has improved a lot

we've traveled to our very belated honeymoon to georgia
and climbed mount kazbek

although i only reached 4800m
(summit is at 5033m)
but it was a great adventure nonetheless

i fell in love with city of tbilisi

also, we climbed some mountains in herzegovina

and in december i visited zagreb with my girlfriends
and had the most amazing time

all in all, it's  been a good year..
now, lets try making next one even better