Sunday, March 12

year six

year six was an eventful one
there were dresses in all shapes and sizes

shitload of blazers 

i knitted sweaters no. 2, 3 and 4

no.5 is on it's way

made some shirts as well, normal ones

and fancy ones too

totally failed when it comes to sewing bottoms
made only this one pair of shorts
(plus few leggings.. but no skirts
or non stretchy pants of any kind) 

 made some outerwear too


also, have been to france
where i walked among dinosaurs

hitchhiked a lot

explored normandy

and had picnics after picnics on random parisienne benches..

once back to balkans, climbed some mountains in bosnia 

and some local ones too 

in other news.. i got married (in me made dress, of course)

and had another fancy dress to wear to the wedding party
(made by my friend boris
as i failed to finish my other dress on time)
might write a post about dresses one day
(as well as one about sweaters)
but today is not that day
as i'm super tired and about to crash
so.. see you in year seven