Friday, June 28


boiler suit - burda magazine 04/2019/#121

while i hardly ever make something that's currently fashionable
from whatever reason i felt like i had to sew this boilersuit
the moment i saw preview of april issue
there's a lot of pattern pieces
and it took forever to finish
(forever being a full week of naptimes
for a project that could easily be finished in one afternoon)
and while i'm not 100% happy with final result
i still love it an wear it a ton

my issue with the pattern
(and most burda pants patterns, for that matter)
is that from whatever reason legs are way too long on me
which is rather strange
as i'm actually 168cm tall
and that's the height that burda claims to drafts patterns for..
and i'm not short legged..
but, from whatever reason, i always have to shorten the legs
and i have to shorten them a lot
i am short waisted though
so i guess altering the bodice would help a bit,
but even then i would have to shorten the legs some 10cm
with this particular pattern
i think i chopped some 15cm in the end, or maybe more..
and i also hemmed and ripped and shortened 
and hemmed and ripped more times than i care to count..
and, since i took all that fabric from the bottom
instead of doing alterations prior to cutting
and taking it somewhere at knee height
i ended up with pants being way wider 
than what i expected them to be..
and while i could go back and rip hems one more time
narrow legs down and hem again
i just didn't have it in me
and called it a day
but, pants issues aside
i freaking love my new boilersuit!
it's very comfy
nursing friendly
black, meaning all the inevitable milk stains 
won't be too visible
and i kinda feel chic wearing it
which i haven't felt in a while
 i regret that i skipped adding pockets
so will have to sew another one eventually
and try to fix other issues as well