Monday, December 26

maroccan fringe

coat - self made
cardigan - no name
bag - no name
boots - air step
belt - peacocks
beret - handmade by my aunt

this is my favorite dress ever
i have it for 10 years
never got tired of wearing it
i love this pale pink color
with a bit of shine from golden threads woven in
i love the fringe neckline 
it was my mom's dress
she got it as a gift
from her maroccan ex boyfriend
(one that she left for my father)
back then it was a long sleeved maxi dress 
break-up turned it into short sleeved knee length one
p. s. 
happy holidays to all of you who celebrate these days
(holiday season over here is just starting to heat up
'cause we celebrate christmas in january)

Thursday, December 22


skirt - self made
sweater - zara
heels - peacocks

my brother think this skirt is ridiculous
but what does he know
he is all about nanoparticles 

Friday, December 9

the things we do for blog

dress - self  made
belt - peacocks
boots - air step

i have to admit 
these pictures are one big fat lie
it's not spring time here
nope.. it's fall
not even a pleasant fall
it's pretty darn freezing outside 
real december, you know
so what the hell am i doing
walking around in silk chiffon dress?
beats me!

Thursday, December 8

autumnal obsessions

skirt - self made
blouse - flea market, altered to fit
heels - newyorker
beret - handmade by my aunt

if you follow my blog for a while
you may have noticed i easily get obsessed with things
i all of a sudden develop some strange fling
and become really obsessed
(i'm seriously thinking of turning that into weekly posts
like some bloggers have '10 things i like' or
'tuesday remixes' or 'makeup wednesdays'
i should have 'monday night obsessions')
some flings are good ones
like healthy eating and jogging
replaced with weeks lived only on pizza and vodka grapefruit
or my excavation time obsession with beer annihilation 
everyday swimming for a month
then everyday sewing for weeks
then days of homemade pies
days of ice skating grand prix
days of top gear tv shows
(and i don't own a car.. i don't even know how to drive)
and days of nothing but llosa books 
late autumn and winter time
is always about movies
first it was spaghetti westerns
then old musicals 
and when i say obsessed i mean obsessed
i mean find and watch
every damn spaghetti western movie
and over 50 musicals
my newest fling -
woody allen
i always loved woody
but right now
 i am so frigging obsessed with him
that i'm a proud owner of every film he ever wrote or directed
i even hooked nikola on woody madness 
it's become a daily routine
every single night
we make our living room a tiny cinema
and then quietly disappear in woodyland

Monday, December 5

the blazer story

wool dress - thrifted, refashioned 
blazer - mom's, from late 70's
heels - newyorker 

more then thirty years ago
my mother left her hometown in dalmatia
and came to belgrade to study defectology
at her freshman year
she found a part time job
and from her first salary
she bought this blazer
she remember that day surprisingly well
she knows what the weather was like
(a bit rainy like today)
how she felt
(excited, with teary eyes)
where she bought it
(now there is a cafe at this spot)
she even remember a lady working in the store
(one that had blue eyes and wore lilac blouse)
thank you mom
for sharing your blazer story with me
and thank you for letting me have your precious blazer
i promise to love and cherish it
for thirty years to come

Sunday, December 4

patiently impatient

coat - self made
dress - no name
lace trimmed slip - self made
heels - newyorker

i'm patient enough 
to spend hours solving sudokus
or digging up skeletons with a tiny brush
or sitting by the water with fishing rod
or going up and down the mountain 
patient enough to spend 7 full hours
making a coat
(plus a solid hour cutting out 54 tulle petals for rose brooch)
and then leave it button-less for days
cause i'm not that patient
when it comes to hand sewing buttons
or ironing hems
patient enough to kindly smile
when i got asked
why the hell do i wear a lettuce head
stuck on my coat

Friday, December 2

golden buttons

jacket - self made
dress - self made
heels - peacocks
bag - no name

i accidentally inspired oona 
her shiny dress inspired me
to finish this jacket that was abandoned in september
i originally planned to use blue buttons
but.. damn.. there is not enough sparkle in blue