Sunday, November 27

roasted devotion

dress - self made
lace trimmed slip - self made
beret - handmade by my aunt 
boots - air step

i am not a big fan of autumn
after color burst is gone
it's all cold and dark and sad
makes me wanna be a bear
and sleep until it's done
roasted chestnuts makes me
change my mind about that
every single year
holding that hot paper cone stuffed with roasted chestnuts
with hands red and frozen from the wind
and eyes a bit watery from excitement
is a sacred moment for me

Friday, November 25

bugs day

it's so fogy outside
i can't even see my neighbor's house
(which is kind of cool
cause it's an ugly house)
and.. i do love foggy days
and foggy landscapes
looking all misty and romantic
i would even love to have a foggy outfit post
but it ain't gonna happen
not today
today is for bright colors
for bugs
and dentist visits

Sunday, November 20

on fairies and westerns

gown - self made

this beautiful fairy
is my friend ana
she might seem familiar to you
'cause she is a younger version of my friend nina
and you've seen nina on my blog before
wearing some of my creations
this beautiful gown
is my medieval mumbo jumbo costume
and i'm not planning of being a princess any time soon
ana is an actress 
and she does plays for kids
she is a pirate and a fairy
and a proud owner of this gown 
and new pair of wings 
she is not a cowboy
not yet at least
rest of the post title
has nothing to do with ana nor gowns 
it's about my newest obsession
i somehow developed a huuuuge crush
on clint eastwood and spaghetti westerns
(not this 81 years old clint
but the one from the 60's and early 70's)
in my favorite movie so far
in first 3 minutes of the movie
clint manages to get shaved, kill 3 guys, 
smoke a cigarette and rape a girl
and with uninviting cold and foggy weather
and me being home alone
obsession is running wild
i'm seriously close to opening booze bottles with my teeth
and sleeping in my boots

Friday, November 18

autumn breaks

dress - vintage laura ashley, from flea market, reconstructed
belt - vintage
heels - peacocks

i had an amazing two months 
while i was away
been digging some late bronze age site
with amazing gigantic pottery
(and sadly not a single skeleton)
then did some medieval excavations
met some new friends
discovered few amazing new places
and one great little lake
drank a truck of beer 
or maybe two
read many books
hung out with few silly goats living in our backyard
and mastered minesweeper
life is waaay different out there
kind of slow
and for months i see the same people
every single day
work with them
live with them
eat with them
drink beer with them
laugh and fight with them
we always live in some small village 
after couple of days one get to know everyone living there
when i have a day off
and come back home
it's kind of frustrating at start
i get on a city bus
and not a single face is familiar to me
it freaks me out a bit at first
two days after i got back from excavations
belgrade fashion week started
and i was working in the backstage
change was surreal 
from digging through medieval trash 
in the middle of nowhere
to zipping up pants and dresses of unknown people
surrounded by mass hysteria