Wednesday, May 29

owls, flowers and metal angles

shirt - self made
skirt - vintage, gift
belt - vintage

this shirt must be my very favorite thing i've ever sewn
it's loud
and has mixed prints
and collar
and metal angles on the collar
and frigging owls!!!
and teeny tiny flowers..
i almost went totally nuts
and added yellow heart shaped buttons
but somehow even i thought that would be a wee bit too  much
in other news:
excavations are probably over..
they can't pay us
so they sent us home.. 
which is kind of a good news
cause i get to sew all day long

Thursday, May 23

coral snake

dress - self made
flats - dunno.. they were a gift

it's raining for hours.. 
one of those persistent, never ending macondo rains
that makes you all melancholic and dreamy
i hate that!
bring me heavy rainfall, all quick and angry!
give me thunders and lighting and chilly winds!
anything but this permanent misery of rain
but, hey.. it's not all gray and wet and cold:
  i have a new dress to brag about
i call it my 'coral snake' dress
(or could it be 'i root for uganda' dress?)

Tuesday, May 21

it's the final inkblot

dresses and peplum tops - mokosha

here are the final few pieces of my inkblot collection
with my favorite - bonus photo of graphic printed top
promise not to post more inkblot stuff after this
(ok.. i lie.. i might show you the sweatshirt i made for nikola)

Friday, May 17

swamp people

blouse - self made
blazer - thrifted
skirt - vintage, gift
belt - vintage

i've been living at the edge of the swamp
for couple of weeks now -
it's excavations time again!
mosquitoes aside
swamp is one fabulous place to live at
especially if you're into birding
or boat paddling or fish netting
there is also an artist colony taking place in our yard
so we have quite an interesting group of peeps
to hang out with
these pics obwiously are not from the swamp
i have several planned posts from my holiday weeks
and i'll go with them first
so, stay tuned

Monday, May 13

sew bossy, sew kazzilicious

kazz dress - made by me

this lovely fabric was sent to me
from fabulous and colorful lady kazz
all the way from down under
(together with dress pattern and notions)
why? you may ask..
because heather lou is a frigging genius
and she came up with that brilliant idea
i'm such a sucker for maxi dresses
it's my ultimate summer uniform
so the dress has to be made right away
and a bit after that
dress and moi went traveling for a week or two
we've been in the mountains
and visited countryside 
been camping by the lake
and paddled into a canyon
and watched griffon vultures cruising the skies
cooked meals on an open fire
and hitchhiked 
and been called hippies
you should check out kazz's blog
and see how i bossed her..
and while you're there
made using the same pattern as the dress i'm wearing here
have you found your sew bossy partner yet?