Friday, February 22


clothes - made by moi

this is my first collection..
it's still in the making
i only have these few garments done..
and i'm so lucky
that my beautiful friend elena
agreed to model them for me
i loved the idea of making my own inkblot prints
and had so much fun playing with paint
to create different effects
 left the cut simple 
that way print gets to be the star

Monday, February 18

four walls

peplum top - self made
skirt - vintage, gift
shoes - peacocks 
belt - new yorker 

you're going to see a lot
of this shooting location
it's just a few minutes away from my apartment
and it's sort of private
so i don't feel awkward 
with my tripod and everything
it's outside, so there's plenty of natural light
but at the same time
it's inside, as i have four walls around me
it's also creepy, which is my favorite quality of this place..
there is trash everywhere
and crazy amount of broken mannequins
and i find it quite amusing 
to be surrounded 
with all the crumbled legs and torsos and feet and heads
while taking my pics..
somehow, it helps me relax  

Thursday, February 14

11 random facts about me

skirt - self made
blouse - self made
cardigan - made in china 
heels - peacocks 
bonus photo - coffee and homemade cherry pie 

a note:
pictures above have absolutely 
nothing to do with this text..
even more confusing
last photo is just me bragging about my newest pie

11 random facts about me:

i'm afraid of sheep.. i'm fine with snakes, spiders, 
all sorts of wild animals, but sheep creeps me out

often i believe i'm dreaming
someone else's dreams.. 
those dreams are in color or black and white
and no-one of the people in the dream
is familiar to me..
sometimes they even talk in unknown languages..

i don't really like children
don't like to touch them
don't like to talk to them
when i have to be around children
i always bring my camera with me
and kind of hide behind it
taking hundreds of photos

i climb mountains
and at the same time
i'm a bit afraid of heights..
i believe i managed to climb europe's highest peak 
(mount elbrus in caucasus)
simply because it was a night climb
and i couldn't see where i was

jim jarmusch is my all time favorite director
i can watch his movies ad nauseum

i  love swimming
can breaststroke for hours
it's like a meditation 
like a fabulous breathing exercise..
also, i have this fantasy
of imaginative world
where people swim all the time
instead of walking..
might write a story about that one day

i haven't eat meat 
since i was 13 years old..
one day i saw
how a calf becomes veal
and that was it - no more meat for me..
i do, however, eat all animals
that i don't mind killing myself
such as fish, squid, mussels, snails, frogs, bugs

i fantasize of owning a hippie van

melon is the only fruit i don't like

when i was a kid
i read a book about guatemala
some sort of a travel book
wrote in the 50's by some jewish czech writer
by the name of norbert fryd..
ever since then, guatemala become my dream country
i promised myself to find the way to get there
and repeat his trip
at some point of my life..
that book is also the reason why i first
started getting interested in archaeology
(it had bunch of pics and stories
about maya civilisation)

when i'm not dreaming someone else's dreams
i often dream i'm flying
and that's the best feeling ever
and feels so realistic 
with wind in my face
and chills if i go to high
or fly too fast
it's joyful and simply magical 

Saturday, February 9


nightgown - self made

meet my new dress form
(have yet to come up with a name for her)
made this nightgown the other day
tried to photograph me wearing it
but it was simply impossible 
to do that on my own
in this tiny apartment we have
(and it's a bit too wintery outside
to hide in some nearby bushes
trying to shoot pics with my usual help 
of tripod and stray dogs)
so.. as i said
meet my new dress form
she's a strange one, isn't she?
i must have been consumed way too many vodkas
when i order her
'cause she's a size smaller than i am
and her constructors must have sniffed some craft glue  
'cause poor thing has absolutely no ass whatsoever
any name suggestions?

Thursday, February 7

sew grateful blouse

blouse - self made
pants - thrifted

started working on this blouse a year ago
traced the pattern
cut the fabric
sewed the bow tie
(you maybe even saw the tie
in this post)
and then abandoned the whole thing
no special reason for that
happens all the time
my closet is full of ufo-s
(as in 'unfinished object'
not that i have a closet full of flying saucers)
but this february
debi made me remember the blouse
got this fabric from a friend
she was making a dress
i helped her cut the fabric for that dress
she let me take the leftovers home with me
so fabric was gifted to me
buttons were also a gift
it sounded like a good idea
to make this blouse my sew grateful project..
and on top of that
i got rid of one of the ufos

Monday, February 4

hard candy

dress - self made

dunno what to do with this dress
loved the idea:
creamy cotton fabric with pink polka dots
and heart-shaped neck line
sounds like a match made in heaven
made the dress on my brand new sewing machine
it was a dream to sew with it
yeah.. so far it sounds 
like it should have been a total success
and you know how i always say
i don't give a damn what other people think
about my outfits
well, that is true
but i guess i don't give a damn
about what strangers think about my outfits
i don't mind going out in public wearing strange things
too colorful or too costumey ones
but, when it comes to my own mother
one look is all that takes
to make me feel like shit..
not a single word
just a look
(well, a stare more than a look)
you are 15 kg too heavy
and 15 years too old
to wear something like that
here i am
4 days later
i decided to pick myself up
dust myself off
and give it another try
(should have worked a bit harder on my facial expression though)