welcome to my world
i like to make clothes
 take pictures
talk crap
i'm self taught in that
(well, not the crap talking part, that's the ability i was born with)
i'm also self taught in english speaking
so don't be too hard on me
i sew a lot
but this is not really a sewing blog
here you won't see any 'work in progress' posts
nor pattern cutting pics
i won't be able to teach you how to enlarge or change your patterns
how to drape or insert welt pockets
not because i don't know how to do it
but because i'm too lazy to do it
and don't enjoy that sort of writing at all
and.. there are lots of other blogs out there that can do that better
i like to call this
a personal style blog
except, you won't see me wearing designer goodies
or even h&m and zara
since my clothes are made by me
or thrifted and  then altered by me
i have a tendency to get into awkward situations
i also have a tendency to develop odd obsessions
i'm grumpy rather than bubbly
and like to write about all that
rather than write about my outfits
if you wanna read more about the garments i've made
than it's better to visit my burdastyle profile
because that's where i chit chat a bit about construction
what patterns did i use
 and stuff like that
thanks for stopping by