Monday, February 29

all black

top - burda magazine 02/2016, #103
racer back top underneath - burda magazine 06/2014, #125
leggings - made by my friend greska

once i had a black top 
that looks almost exactly as this one
it was one of very few things that i actually bought in past few years
and i only bought it cause i was out of town for few days
and weather suddenly got real cold
so i had to buy something to keep me from freezing
wore the hell out of it
until one day i decided to paint some shelves wearing it
and it got few nasty white paint smears
so when i saw february blouse pattern
i knew what i'm turning it into
(well, other than that gray version
that i've showed you in my last post, that is)

i wear a racer back top underneath, not for modesty reasons
but because it was quite windy when we took these pics
but i kind of like the effect the top creates
sleeves may look like design feature
with those transparent panels
but in reality i had only tiniest bits of both fabrics
after i cut front and back,
that i had to piece sleeves from scraps
neck is finished with narrow satin bias tape
looks rather neat
but you'll have to take my word for it
 as i forgot to take pics of that

Wednesday, February 10


top - burda magazine (02/2016, #103)
skirt - burda magazine (08/2015, #110)

made this skirt once before (never blogged about it
but you may have seen it on my ig account)
and that one was quick and easy make..
this one, however, was a whole nother story
as i did pretty much everything wrong 
from cutting fabric to hemming the skirt..
but i did finished the darn thing in the end
and it doesn't even look bad
so everything's fine
top is the 'test' version of pattern from february burda issue
and might be my favorite thing ever..
i used narrow selvage strips as neck band
(sewed unfolded, slightly stretched selvage strip to the neckline, 
and then topstitched it.. love how it curls a bit)
hat is another favorite, even though it's too large..
yarn is wool/rayon/acrylic blend
and i have it in few more colors
so i might just knit one graham hat in each of those colors