Wednesday, November 27

pajamas party

pj set - self made

it's snowing for days
and i'm having hard time accepting that
so i just avoid going out, or looking through the window
and dress like i'm honeymooning in hawaii
as a result
i earned a nasty cough
and have to spend time under mountain of blankets
drinking hot tea and strange homemade remedies..
and of course
now that i can't go out
all i wanna do is walk through the snow
or start a snowball fight
in other news
i cut my hair..
should have done so long time ago
poor thing was crying for some tlc

Friday, November 22

lucky mistakes

dress - self made

my favorite fabrics
are those from remnant boxes
and not only because of their low price
but because they often come in unusual prints
prints that happened by accident
fabric i used for this dress
was supposed to be beige
with rows of colorful flowers printed all over
(you can spot those flowers at the skirt hem)
but something went wrong
and these 1.5 meters of fabric
ended up almost without flowers
having this gray leaking pattern instead

Thursday, November 14

gray geometry

top - self made
leggings - self made

these days
in  my head
gray is the new black
shapeless is better than fitted
and leggings are indeed pants

Monday, November 11

cinnamon wool


jacket - self made
skirt - flea market
and cinnamon pull apart bread

lately, i'm obsessed with wool..
i wonder why it took me five years of sewing
to realize that my absolute favorite fabric is wool
maybe the bouclĂ© is to blame
i sure do love how it looks once a garment is finished
but all the fraying somehow kills the fun
but gimme the right wool
and i'm in love
it sews beautifully 
it presses beautifully
and drapes beautifully
it's warm and comfy and luxurious
i even love the smell of wool
(reminds me of childhood
and my grandma blocking sweaters
using dining table instead of ironing board)
the wool i used for this jacket
is actually double faced
with one brown and one black side (or is it dark gray?)
i love the texture, looks almost like burlap
or some sort of ancient fabric
what's your favorite fabric?