Monday, April 29

inkblot, part 3

here is what's new in my rorschach prints collection
i'm going camping by the lake
talk to you more when i'm back

Monday, April 22

1001 geese

dress - self made

just got back
from my little countryside getaway..
no time for big talks
but just enough time to brag about my newest dress
is this print frigging adorable or what?

Saturday, April 6

choke dress

dress - self made 

pardon the radio silence 
past couple of weeks
i've been busy working on fashion week
and busy doing nothing, rest of the time
yesterday my creative block was finally over
and this dress was created within mere 45 minutes..
then it took me 45 more minutes
to decide whether i like it on me or not
it's voted 'yes'
with a little help from my friends
(if i listened to my brother
dress would be burned down)
i shamelessly stole the dress idea from kazz
and that wasn't enough for me
but i also used the fabric that's exactly the same color 
as the one she used for her last dress
(it's like she's 'bossing' me
even before sew bossy initiative starts
how did that happen?)