Thursday, February 27


pants - self made
shoes - doc martens 

my current obsession - pants!
how did that happen?
i call this particular look
elevator operator chic

Monday, February 24

the shirt


shirt - self made
pants - thrifted

i've finally found a perfect shirt pattern
after years of search
so far, i tried bunch of different patterns
even drafted one or two myself
some of them looked nice
but not a single one was quite what i was looking for
(and i wanted something that looked 
like that mom's shirt from the '70s
that i often wear, and that you can see here, here or here)
and then it hit me!
if i want to have a proper '70s shirt
i should probably use a '70s pattern
fabric is rayon chiffon
and i thought it's going to be hell working with it
but i guess it was my lucky day
everything worked like a charm
and this shirt is one of my neatest makes to date
and i kind of like the pants too
maybe i'll sew a similar pair
as these are not in the best shape..
 i bought them last winter
when i was freezing my ass off at the excavations site
they were cheap and made out of wool..
i make the strangest choices when it comes to my excavations outfits
can't think of anything more unpractical to wear while working in dirt
maybe a chiffon gown?
bear costume?
atmospheric diving suit?
i'm open for suggestions
as i'll leave for new round of excavations in may

Monday, February 17

tale of three little black dresses

dress - self made

just realised that i've made 3 black dresses in a row
first, there was a little black dress
in recycled but luxurious sparkly wool knit
(sparkly wool always dreamt of becoming party dress
she eventually became a dress, but is still waiting to go to a party)
then there was a littler black dress
in thick wool  (wool that has spent 20 years in closet
not knowing what it wanted to become..
but once the closeted wool was out
she became quite fun, quirky outgoing dress)
and finally there is the littlest black dress
made in itchy and see-through 70's polyester knit
using 70's pattern
(she's a real groupie, that one
she has only parties and concerts on her dirty polyester mind
she asked for pink faux fur coat
she demanded heels of impossible height
and when i refused to obey to her tacky requests
she quickly found herself a new host..
i was really lucky to see her go)

Monday, February 10

floral pants

 shirt - mom's, from the 70's
pants - self made

winter decided to skip a year
in this corner of the world..
we had indian summer, that lasted until end of december
and now it's apparently spring, for over a month
planned to sew a new winter coat
got fabric and quilted lining and pattern ready
but now i'm not so sure i should get into that adventure at all
it's not a coat weather
why bother laboring over coat for days
i made a pair of pants instead
and i plan to make few more pairs
and few shirts too
(so i don't have to wear this one all the time)..
i feel that my style has changed a lot
over the past 6 months
i got a bit tired of girly dresses and poofy skirts
and ready to try some other things too..
so today
i wear pants