Tuesday, December 15


dress - burda magazine (12/2015, #109b)

mocha colored version in quilted jersey 
is actually version #2
as i messed up my version #1 dress in yellow wool (see pics bellow)
but #2 i like..
i only had 1.2 m of fabric
and pattern calls for 2.1 m
so i had to piece my sleeves from scraps
and i really like how they look now
with those horizontal seams
#1 has a lot of issues in shoulder area
as it's way too tight on me
and sleeves are oddly shaped and too wide,
but most of the issues are my fault
as i was lazy, and decided to sew sleeves in flat
rather than sewing them in the round
(and then i even overlocked the seams
before trying the dress on
so i can't fix it now)
so, lesson learned.. from now on
no more muslin playing with fancy wool fabrics
for the #2 i sewed the sleeves 
the way they are intended to be sewn
so that, and the fact that i used slightly stretchy fabric,
helped with most of the issues
and the dress fits way better

here is #1
in all it's oddness..
i tried to make up for the mistakes
by hamming everything by hand
but it's still a mess

i've also finished knitting my barndom shawl, by westknits
it's huge and super soft and drapey
(and it's also version #2
but this time not because i messed up #1
but because i made #1 for a friend
and then i had to have one myself)


Thursday, December 3


made bunch of colorful cowls in chunky yarn..
all are knitted in round, to avoid seaming,
so i had to modify stitching a bit
blue one is in trinity stitch

red is a stitch from book '400 knitting stitches'
called mock english rib 2, or something like that

bubblegum pink, in linen stitch

green in flat knot stitch

orange, another one from 400 stitches book
not sure witch one

this one is not in chunky yarn
it's fingering weight variegated yarn
but i used 7mm needles
(it's linen stitch again, i'm crazy about it)
i've also made dress with big blue dots
and the top from last photo

Tuesday, November 17


trench coat - burda magazine 12/2013, #101

finally made a trench coat
that i had on my mind for nearly two years
ever since the pattern came out
almost made it last fall
as i had the pattern traced
and all the fabric and notions sourced out,
but then i stumbled upon perfect '70s trench coat
in my size, and for the price of one euro!
so why bother making a brand new one
a year later, i finally sewed it!
made my usual size 38
with no changes to the pattern
(except skipping the pockets and back vent,
print is already really busy
so i wanted to simplify the coat as much as possible)
pretty pleased with how it turned out..
and will be even more pleased
when i get back to my ironing board
and steam the hell out of that hem
so it ain't that wonky anymore

Tuesday, October 13

golf course dress

dress - bodice: burda magazine 01/2012, #114 (modified a bit)
 + half circle skirt

found this printed cotton twill with golf course print
and no matter how crazy it looked
i just had to have it
since the print is pretty insane
i chose to make a really simple dress
and tried to eliminate as much seams as possible
so the skirt is cut as one piece..
and it ended up being way too short,
but no way i can fix that now
struggled a bit with how to cut the bodice
and not end up with one of those sand traps
creating funky paramecium-like patch on one of my boobies
and accidentally ended up with 'hole' positioned right where my heart is
(while two guys and their golf bag
are standing suspiciously near my crotch area..
so.. it ended up being kinky dress instead of funky
and has a bit strange opinions on
 how should a way to woman's heart look like
or at least where it should start)

Wednesday, October 7

high neck

dress - burda magazine 10/2015, #111

don't remember that i've ever before waited
for new burda magazine to hit the stands
as with this issue..
few minutes after i got my copy
i was in studio, tracing pattern for dress #111
fabric is a remnant box find
some sort of rayon blend, with a bit of stretch
and it actually has two good sides
(the other side looks like a negative of the one i've used)
i've already traced and cut the pattern
when noticed that stretch is lengthwise
not crosswise, as i thought
but was too eager to start sewing
that i decided to ignore that fact, and go with it anyways
so the dress ended up being a bit snug at the hips
(if i ever make it again
gonna go a size bigger at the hips
or chose the fabric that stretches in right direction)
not being a fan of waist tucks
i turned them into double pointed darts
which simplified the look a bit

Friday, October 2

summer bits and pieces

there are three lakes at the edge of nikola's hometown
and this summer
instead of traveling abroad
we bought an inflatable kayak
and went to explore them
lakes are artificial 
created on river uvac
when three hydroelectric power stations were built
they are pretty narrow and pretty long too
perfect for paddling
needless to say we had the best active vacation ever!
we would explore one lake for couple of days, 
then deflate kayak
pack it up and hike to the next lake
and do it all over again..
now if i only can sew us some warm paddling outfits
so we can go paddle all year round

Monday, September 28

lbd #4

dress - burda magazine 06/2015, #123

i had a wedding to attend few weeks ago
and had big plans for the dress for event
but in the end, because of work,
i had only few hours to sew a dress
so i chose this simple burda pattern instead
and then made it even more simple by making it in jersey
didn't even managed to finish the dress
as i had to catch a train and go back to excavations
so i left it in the studio, and tea hemmed it for me (thanks, tea!)*
don't let the pics fool you
it's not a dark gray dress, but proper black one
and doesn't actually look like this wrinkly mess
but i guess black is a hard color to photograph
*we share a sewing studio from march
and we spend crazy amount of time there
sewing, chatting, getting wasted, eating sweets
and even brewing our very own beer..
sewing is even more fun when you have a sewing soulmate!

last photo shows a giant cardigan/kimono
that my friend ivana made for me..
how cool is this print?
i feel like wearing one of giger's paintings every time i slip it on

Wednesday, September 16


 some time ago i made a mini swimwear collection,
and then went to spend a month on excavations
and totally forgot about it
(once you're in a hole, hanging out with skeletons,
fashion kind of slips your mind)
so.. here is the collection, modelled by my two lovely friends..
i used modified pattern from burda magazine from the '70s
(don't remember the exact issue
but will look it up if anyone cares to know)



Sunday, August 30


dress - burda magazine 10/2014, #127

not much to say about this one
as i've made this pattern few times so far
(well, 5 times, to be precise)
and i love every single version of this dress
this time i used navy metallic linen 
and scraps of bronze linen for sleeves lining
and i love how metallic linen looks almost like leather
(irl at least, the dress is so damn wrinkled in photos
that you can hardly see that)
love this shapeless sack kind of dresses
i know it may not be the most flattering shape
but i still find it to be really elegant
plus it's super comfy and great for the heat