Wednesday, March 11

year nine

this morning i realized it's the 9th anniversary 
of this little blog of mine
and my first thought was that i haven't made much stuff
so there won't be much to blog about..
yet, somehow i keep digging up more and more pics
so, turns out, it wasn't such a shabby year after all
i made some dresses

discovered culottes

made me a boilersuit
and plan to sew more of these
as it turned out i love to wear it

i finished my coat
that has been half made and abandoned for a year..
haven't taken it off since
it's my favorite thing ever

finished knitting my stonecutter sweater
and then wore it only once
as winter never came

started going to the gym
so i've been making lot of activewear
that i'm failing to properly photograph..
but in total i made 7 pairs of leggings
5 sports bras (all made using mighty sports bra pattern by evie la luve
as the one pictured bellow)
and 4 tops

and i made a raincoat of sorts
that is also a part of my activewar gear
as i needed something windproof to wear 
when i head home from gym, all sweaty and what not..
i love it, but i need to change that hood
as it's ridiculously huge

i made my new favorite backpack
(free pattern called 'der andere rucksack')
that i've since made again
and have couple more cut and ready to assemble.. 

almost a year ago
our landlord finally let us use that one spare room 
that he keeps his stuff in
so now we have our little sewing studio in the apartment
which has made sewing much easier
and our living room is finally free from sewing clutter
(but sadly not so free from all the other random stuff
that we keep piling up, but i digress)

back to sewing.. i made some stuff for my store 


 lots of sweaters too

other than sewing
we tried to take some time to enjoy and explore
so this year baby had her first camping and mountain climbing trips

first seaside holiday

and experienced her first snow

so, yeah.. not too shabby at all