Thursday, November 14


shirt dress - burda magazine 01/2019 #108

this particular dress was on my mind since january
when i first saw it in magazine..
burda's version isn't really an inspiring one
but i loved the technical drawing
and was pretty sure that this pattern need to be made in contrasting fabrics
that will show those beautiful lines
around that time i stumbled upon these two fabrics
and i knew i found the perfect match..
so i got home, prewashed fabrics, traced the pattern
and then did nothing about it for next 10 months..
happens to me a lot these days..

 it's a very simple project
but when i finally started working on it
 somehow it took me an entire week to finish it..
i should rename my blog to 'a week of naps'
as nowadays every single project takes a week of naps
to get finished,
even the simplest one
usually i sew very fast
a dress like this would be finished in under two hours..
and when you're fast and take no breaks
you don't tend to overthink things, you just do..
but when there's so many breaks
you keep wondering 'should i change this'
and 'should i change that'
and that adds couple more hours to production..
and said hours are spent in front of mirror
thinking and rethinking 
at some point i got the idea that i should chop 40cm from the bottom,
skip the collar
and turn the whole thing into a bomber jacket..
but somehow i managed to talk myself out of that
and i'm glad i did, as i really love how the dress turned out in the end

and i love how it looks styled differently
it's always nice to have options, right?
now all the different versions are poppin in my brain:
should i make a version with transparent sleeves?
what would it look like as maxi?
should i make that bomber version happen?
a bodysuit version?
am i overthinking it again?