Saturday, December 30

skinny jeans.. and more

skinny jeans - burda 03/2014/#115
mustard top - burda 12/2017/#111
white tee - basic instinct, free pattern by sasha of secondo piano
vest - burda 08/2012/#137
blouse (under vest) - burda 02/2015/#128
b&w sweater - burda 10/2015/#109

i made jeans.. well, two pairs actually..
third is on the way, if i ever make a decision 
about what thread color to use..
still don't believe that i've made jeans though..
not because it's some big achievement, 
and i'm super proud of myself
it wasn't a hard thing to sew them actually..
but i haven't wore jeans in over a decade
never owned skinnies in my entire life
and have no idea why i suddenly decided i need a pair.. or two.. or eight..
and from some reason, all of a sudden they are all i wanna wear
so i actually wear them all the time
(like you'll see from all the pics in this post)
first i made a purple leopard print pair
that i somehow failed to properly photograph
so you can't say they actually have normal length
and don't just end bellow my knees
so.. yeah.. i made jeans.. and it was a really fun thing to do..
i don't have a twin needle, 
so i had to do all the topstitching one line at a time
and i found that process to be very satisfying
(also, i kinda suck at keeping even distance between two lines
but i couldn't care less)..
i used triple straight stitch for topstitching
and regular polyester thread..
made these in size 38, with zero changes
and they fit like a dream
if i do say so myself
i'm a bit annoyed with print placement of my black pair
as there's that strange piece of cheetah's but
that looks really odd 
and is sadly placed to drew attention to my crotch area
but i only noticed it once the jeans were over
and there's nothing i can do about it
(other than maybe trying to color it black somehow)
also, back pockets look a bit crazy
because of the print, and all the poor cheetahs being 
cut in awkward places
but i can't be bothered to remove the pockets
so i'll have to live with that
small complaints aside
i really love both pairs
and have been wearing them constantly..
my usual wardrobe was mostly leggings and oversized tops
but with jeans i can actually wear shorter tops
as there is no need to 'cover my but' for decency
so now i have billion more ideas for new tops and blouses
mustard colored top is made in wool jersey fabric
i made size 36, and the only change was 
to make it some 5cm shorter..
it's very simple pattern, but ruffles make it look kinda special


also, i've made basic instinct tee in white viscose jersey
it's free pattern from amazing sasha of blog secondo piano
and i'm really digging it.. 
i made it in size s, and only change was shortening the sleeves a bit..
i love the relaxed fit of the tee
and have already made another one in black jersey
and have many more planned once the weather is warmer
(as now i really should start working on my new coat)

made a vest too, from the same pattern i used 
to sew my blazer from last post
it's actually sparkly and silvery irl
not just gray as these pictures suggest..
love this pattern, and i'm sure i'll make it again at some point

this is my favorite version of chunky sweater so far..
i've lost count on how many of these i made
as i'm  making them for my shop
non of them was actually for me..
but if i decided to keep one, this would be the one..
plus i've made such a perfect bitch face in these shots
that i simply had to share them ;)
i've also been making backpacks lately
in collaboration with my husband who's doing leather parts
but i'll share them another time
as this post is already too long
wish you all a very happy and healthy new year
and see you all on the flip side!


Thursday, November 9

short suit

blazer - burda magazine 08/2012/#137
shorts - burda magazine 10/2010/#111

bought this fabric last fall
0.5m of it, to make these shorts
and i loved it so much, i decided to go back to store and buy more
and make me a matching blazer
and wear that to my birthday party last january
but, as per usual with me, i failed to do that,
so i wore something else to the party
and forgot all about fabric and blazer and everything
but then i got a ticket for
nick cave and the bad seeds concert, for late october
and that 'suit' seemed like a perfect outfit for the occasion..
it's sort of inspired by mr cave,
as he's always wearing a suit,
and the print takes it to another level
instead of just copying his black-suit look
and making me look like i'm wearing a nick cave costume

i made straight size 38
and haven't change a single thing about the pattern
it was an easy one to construct
since there is no real collar or pockets
the only slightly tricky part was an angled seam 
that you can (sort of) see in pics below 

it's a great pattern
and i already have plans to make more blazers from it
as well as a vest version

Sunday, October 15

color blue

dress - burda magazine 01/2017/#112
sweater - burda magazine 10/2015/#109
sweatshirt - burda magazine 01/2017/#102

i changed my serger threads from pink i've been using for ages to royal blue
to make the dress with ruffles
and, those blue threads then inspired
a week of sewing royal blue stuff!
laziness is a funny thing, right?
dress was on my 'list' for a long time
loved the ruffle, which is funny
 i don't usually love ruffles
as they're a bit too girly for my style
but this ruffle i liked..
chose a lycra fabric, that has crepe-like texture
and doesn't fray, so the edge of the ruffle could be left 'raw'
i wish i wasn't lazy and did the hem by hand
might get back to it at some point, 
but hem aside, it's a great dress
makes me wanna dance my heart out
not a lot of clothes have that power
also, one could argue it's too short
but i think it's fine with tights or leggings
sweater is made out of some sort of
boiled wool knit fabric
that i had in my stash for some time..
it's a very thick fabric, super warm
(and also kinda scratchy
so it's 'only for the brave' kinda sweater)..
it's an easy thing to construct
and i made this one using only serger
i hemmed it by hand, but did that after these photos were taken
so that's why the hem looks wonky

i've also made a hoodie for my friend johnny
don't have a photo of that hoodie
so you'll have to take my word for it,
but i had some leftover fabric after finishing it
and i used it to make this cropped sweatshirt
that my friend greska is wearing in pics bellow

i've also made a pair of pants for a customer
and finished an upholstery project for a friend
 both of those were blue as well..
and i actually run out of blue serger thread 
after i finished the last one of 'blue period' things yesterday
working on some backpacks at the moment
nikola is helping me with leather parts
and i'm really loving how those are looking so far!
hope to share them with you soon

Thursday, October 5

pink safari

jacket - burda 02/2013/#102

couple weeks ago i made a list
of all the things i've been saying i'll sew one day
when i find time to do it
but never manage to find the time
some of those things are silly
like new ironing board cover
or oven mitts..
sure, i can buy me some oven mitts
but i have bunch of scraps that can be used to make them
so i don't buy them
and don't make them either, because - time!boring!
there's a lot of shit on the list,
and i'm pretty sure i'll never make all of those things
but writing them all down felt like a small victory
and also motivated me to actually find time
and make this jacket
ignoring the fact that it's wrong color, fabric and style for fall
as it's clearly a spring kind of a jacket
btw, who invents all those rules?
"wrong colors" for fall.. or "wrong colors" for redheads..
and this clearly is a "wrong color" for safari jacket
but, it's not that i'm going to wear it on an actual safari
and i guess 99.9% of peeps wearing 
"proper" colored safari jackets won't wear them on a safari either..
there's no need for it to blend into an environment
so it might as well be bright pink

fabric is rayon of some sorts
bought it years ago, it was a remnant
(and was also labeled as 'linen')
i had to take a risk and cut the jacket in size 36 
instead of my usual 38, 
as i did not have enough fabric to make bigger size..
luckily, the risk payed off, and the jacket fits
it wasn't a complicated sewing project
but did take more time than i expected
as there was a lot of fiddly parts and topstitching involved
i'm super happy with the jacket
been wearing it constantly since it's finished
and plan on wearing it for as long as the weather permits..
also, i'm super happy that i have one item checked off the list!
probably should try making one of the less inspiring things next though
such as that new ironing board cover 

Friday, September 15

kimono coat

coat - burda 04/2016, #111

had my eye on this pattern since it was out 
but sewing it in april wasn't making much sense
april can be very hot in belgrade
i'm already thinking about swimwear that time of the year
last fall i've again been thinking of making it
although that never happened 
but i did end up buying this fabric and tracing pattern
so once i finally found the time to sew the coat
it didn't take that much time at all
dunno what the fabric is.. some sort of a blend
probably with some viscose in it.. it's very soft to touch,
 not too thick, but it is rather heavy, 
and while drapes beautifully
 it turned out to be a bit too heavy for this pattern
as front flap now pulls the entire coat down a bit
also, it was a pain in the ass to finish the sides and get a nice look inside
as there are layers and layers of fabric 
in area where the front flap is..
have no idea how burda wants me to finish it
(instructions are a bit confusing)
from the picture in magazine i think they simply overlocked the inside edges 
and stitched them down flat..
i couldn't do that, as it would look silly
since i overlocked the edges using pink thread :)
and you can see the insides when you're wearing the coat unbelted..
so i had to fiddle with it a bit, and i'm not too happy with the result
but it worked (kinda).. sorry there's no picture of that
might come back and add them when i'm feeling less lazy
also.. been thinking of removing the flap
that way the whole thing would hang better
and inside finishing of the left side would look nice and smooth
but if i remove the flap
than it's just a basic bathrobe coat
and the reason i made the coat was the flap
as i really liked how it looks..
so i guess i'll just leave it as is,
or maybe give it another go in lighter fabric

all the complaints aside
i actually do like this coat
and adore the color (that is actually more green irl)..
it's going to be a pretty good alternative to trench coat this fall

Sunday, September 10

all the things

  this is going to be one kinda strange post
as i'll just drop a bunch of pics of random stuff i made
over past couple of months..
and while i'd love to blog all of those garments individually
i simply no longer have the energy needed to do that
plus i'm not really sure people read blogs nowadays, so why bother, right
but i do still enjoy reading other people's blogs
so i thought i'll just try to resurrect this little blog of mine
give it another go
as there was a time i really enjoyed sharing the stuff i made

anyways.. all the things are made using burda patterns
(except for linen dress from the first photo
and caramel colored pleated skirt,
i created patterns for those)
sewing some coats these days
gonna try to write a proper post about them
once they're finished