Saturday, May 5

owl obsessed

meet mother owl
isn't she something?
bad tempered but beautiful lady
there is only one baby owl left
the other one fell to the ground yesterday
this little fella is alone now
from his perspective
that might be a good thing
..more food for him
from my perspective
that's rather crappy
and there is neighbor's cat
spending entire day under the owl's tree
so it might get even more crappy 

Wednesday, May 2

bits and pieces

i planned to take a photo of my today's outfit 
and post it
then i planned to show you 
how beautiful mother owl is
(but was scared not to overload le blog with all the owls
.. rest of the world may not be as obsessed with them as moi)
i'm going to share with you
few details of my temporary home
every room in the house
have differently stenciled walls
that's a traditional wall decoration in this part of the country
in serbian and hungarian houses
(and probably all the others as well
this is a part of the country with very mixed population:
serbs, hungarians, slovaks, croats, romanians, rusyns and many other nationalities live here)
and that mix of nationalities
is clearly not afraid of pattern mixing