Wednesday, July 31


skirt - self made jade (by paprika patterns)
top - self made

some time ago
lovely lisa asked me would i like
to test her first ever pattern
for jade skirt
of course, i said yes.. I loved her skirt
and it's the first time ever that i was ask to test a pattern
so i got really excited about the whole thing
and then it all went south..
first i realized i can't finish the skirt on time
and there is not many things
that frustrate me as much as being late..
but lisa said it's ok, i can finish it by wednesday
this wednesday
so i got up early this morning
and get to work
first i realized my printer is not working
but i solved that problem somehow..
then i realized my internet is not working
and i only saved pattern file on my computer
but not the instructions
that problem i couldn't solve at the moment
so i got into sewing anyways
not a good idea with this pattern :)
i thought it's an easy project
and boy, was i wrong!
it's a fabulous pattern
but not an easy one
also, after some time i realized
that i don't have enough pins
to hold all the pleats in place
but i kept on going anyways
(two reasons for that:
notions store is far away
and it's too hot outside to go to the store)
then i realized
that fabric i chose for lining
is way more stretchy than skirt fabric
but it was all i had
so i kept on going
somehow i finished the skirt
i chose to make view b (longer version) in size 4
but cause of my wonky seams
and all the alterations i made trying to fix them
skirt ended up being size 3
but it fits me anyways
(thank you, insanity workout)
although my version is messy and wonky
and stripes are totally bad idea
(all those lovely pleats disappeared in stripes)
i would totally recommend this pattern to you
and i'm totally going to try it again
once i'm not in a rush to finish it 'on time'
once i have instructions to help me
once i choose the right fabric
and have enough pins..
and then i'll have a proper pattern review for you
and for lisa

Tuesday, July 23

little red dress

rumenka wears:
dress - made by me
leggings - greska neocekivana

meet my friend dejana
aka rumenka super
she's my tiny precious porcelain doll-like kind of friend 
and my favorite model
(and she makes clothes as well!
how fabulous is it to have a real life friend that makes clothes too
someone you can go fabric shopping with
and talk about stitches and all that jazz)
and dress is just a smaller, different color version 
made some time ago
(maybe you've seen it on my fb account)
i'm currently travelling
dunno when i'll be back to regular posting
somehow hiking and biking and swimming is more fun
than spending time sizzling in the city
(even though the city is home to my sewing machines)

Thursday, July 11

on signature looks

shirt - self made
skirt - vintage, flea market find
heels - peacocks

 had an interesting conversation with my neighbor
the other day, 
about personal styles and fashion
and how differently people express them
he knows exactly 
what he wants to look like -
what type of pants and shirt and shoes 
he needs, to achieve that special style
so, when he finds a perfect pair of pants
or a perfect black shirt
he buys not one, but two or three or more
so, his closet is pretty much few items
over and over again
sometimes, when he travels
that gets him into strange situations
cause people think he wears 
same shirt and pants day after day after day
my neighbor is a comics artist
maybe that explains his personal style
as all of the characters in comics
usually rock one outfit all the time
whatever the reason,
 that conversation we had
really got me thinking
about my signature look
and about my closet
and how many dresses do i really need?
and if i were a cartoon character
who would i be?

how fabulous is the print of this shirt?
with all the cars and trees and buildings
and crosswalks and stuff..
oh, and shirt has an older cousin
a pair of shorts, all the way in land of kalkatroona 

Monday, July 8

something for the boys

sweatshirt - made by me

sometimes the selflessness struck me
and something like this happens

Friday, July 5

and now for something completely different..


 so i made a quilt!
dunno am i allowed to call it a quilt, though..
cause it was way too easy to make,
and design is too simple..
so, all those real quilters out there
might be offended 
that i call this a quilt
it was rather fun little project
makes a nice gift
and it reduced my pile of fabric scraps
(i have insane amount of scraps
most of them being too small for any real size project
and then again - too big to go to the trash)
i always thought quilting is not really my thing
cause patience is not my virtue 
but i enjoyed this project so much
that i think i'm going to make many more quilts
maybe even an elaborated one, who knows
only thing i really hated
was cutting the triangles out..
it just took too much time
like - a four set tennis match!
(so, before i start my next quilt
getting cutting mat and rotary cutter
would probably be a great idea)
quilt top is interfaced
and for the back of the quilt 
i used orange quilted cotton
(yup, i cheated
cause batting was nowhere to be found
and that cotton was already in my stash
and was soft and orange and.. well - pre-quilted
what made it perfect for this project)
still feeling amazed
how much i enjoyed making this..
loved drawing different designs
 choosing fabrics and arranging them
and then creating this big colorful puzzle
took me one entire football game to finish 
(a long one though, spain and italy were playing
semi-finals of confederations cup
in case you're interested)
add that tennis match to that time
plus an hour i spend
drawing different designs
and digging trough my fabric scraps
to find the right colors
oh, and
don't let that wonky first pic fool ya
quilt is actually rectangular :)