Friday, September 9

time traveler

top - newyorker
skirt - self made
flats - tally weijl

shortest post ever
i have to say good bye 
for a while
i'm off for a month or two
gonna be digging prehistory

Monday, September 5

inner child

maxi dress - self made

when i was a child
i wanted to be a scientist
and a writer
 polar explorer
(for a day or two i even wanted to be a cop
but, when i shared this dream of mine with my dad
he was furious
so i gave up that dream)
when i grew up
someone told me
that i should only follow one path
 choose what i wanna be
and stick to it
i believed 
and struggle for quite some time
and got frustrated 
and lost and angry
with that grown up world
and then i realized 
that i can be anything i want
no matter what other people say
i can be a fashion designer
toy maker
wall painter
and anything i like
all at once
as long as i believe in it

Saturday, September 3

mc hammer called.. he wants his pants back

'pants' - self made
top - non branded
sneakers - converse 

i despise sweatpants
juicy bottoms type of sweatpants in particular
but my newest obsession with running
called for some sort of running outfit
that is not a skirt or a dress
i'm running in my new outfit
the other day
and i hear two guys talking about my pants
one said - "f*ck, dude.. what's this shit?!
no one wore this shit not even in 1992, hehehe.."
i took it as a compliment
i guess if i just write 'juicy' on the bottom
in cyrilic, and using some medieval font
they might change their mind