Wednesday, March 26

old skirt new bag

my new laptop bag - collaboration with vas krojac

two winters ago
i bought a vintage wool plaid skirt
loved the shape of it, loved the colors
was pretty sure i'll wear the hell out of it
but from some reason poor thing just hung in my closet 
so i was thinking to myself
'that skirt needs to find a new owner
or to become something other than a skirt'
 first instinct was to turn it into shorts
because i turn everything into shorts nowadays
but then i bought a piece of leather
and seeing it together with the plaid wool skirt
all of a sudden i realized i need a new laptop bag
well.. not new, cause i never really had an old laptop bag
but wore my laptop around
in a silly beach bag, tucked into various scarfs and crap
so, yes i really really needed a proper laptop bag
(and why is it so damn hard to find a good looking laptop bag?
and even if you do find one
it's either too expensive
or too small for a 17 inch laptop)
new plan had only one problem
my sewing machine is not strong enough
to sew trough the wool, leather and really thick double denim quilted lining
so that's where my friend boris
(who just opened a brand new tailoring shop called 'vas krojac'
meaning 'your tailor' in serbian)
came into story
idea was to sew the bag in his studio
using his industrial sewing machines
but somehow i ended up doing nothing 
but jabbering and taking photos
while boris did all the work himself 
and boris did pretty damn good job, i think
so good, in fact
that we're thinking we should team up
and make a collection of laptop bags
(we actually received our very first order!)

Friday, March 21

evil eye

dress - self made

last year
exchanged boxes full of goodies
there were dresses and fabrics inside my box
and then, there was this chiffon with evil eye print
whole 5 meters of it!
i loved all of  the prizes from that magic box
but with this chiffon i got obsessed!
it has to be made into something really special
something i'll love more than my other makes
so i waited and waited for the right pattern to show up
and there it was, in december issue of burda 2013
don't remember ever being so excited about sewing project
or so obsessed
all of the bodice parts are lined in self fabric
so all the pieces has to be cut twice
but look like only one layer when basted together
 (meaning print has to match precisely
not an easy thing with such fidgety fabric)
and, since i got so obsessed,
when i started to feel tired
instead of going to bed
i couldn't stop working on dress
it has to be finished!
so, around 2 am
when it was finally done (all seams serged)
 i tried it on
and realized that i managed to sew one of the sleeves inside out
and now the pattern direction is totally off
(funny thing is, that i marked the 'right' sides of the sleeves
to prevent this disaster
since the fabric looks the same on both sides
and since i marked them
i felt there is no need to double-check is everything ok)
mistakes or not
this is still my favorite make ever!

Friday, March 14

sicilian dress



dress - self made

when i first saw pattern for this dress
back in march issue of  burda 2009
i immediately thought that it looks
a - slightly like a 30's dress and
b - kind of sicilian
not that i have ever been to italy
let alone sicily,
so i don't really know what sicilian ladies wear
and still, it looked sicilian to me
and it still does, five years later
ideal backdrop for my sicilian dress
would be a cobblestone street
in golden hour
and yes, we do have a few of nice looking
cobblestone streets in belgrade
but morning golden hour is kind of too early in a day for me
while evening golden hour tend to be crowded in any of those streets
 and i prefer doing my tripod shooting routine in private
so.. i took my photos at high noon
using my usual backdrop of neighbourhood ruin..
i'll totally understand if you don't get my sicilian vibe

Tuesday, March 11

year three

year three
was less about crazy colored dresses..
but i did make a few well as few crazy colored shirts

year three was more about shorts 



non colors 

unusual shapes

sewing for the boy

and food making

enter year four!
feeling super excited to find out what you'll be like!

year one
year two