Friday, August 15

working out

top and shorts - self made

and got me thinking of all the activewear i made in past months
never even considered to post pics of my activewear..
although they are fun to make
(especially if you have access to an industrial coverstitch machine)
i kind of find those makes  a bit boring..
but hey, they may not be as boring to you
so i decided to post a few pics anyways
i started working out over a year ago
 got real hooked on to it
and still work out 6 days a week
(i switch between insanity and t25)
i workout in my living room
so can get away with minimal amount of wear
without feeling uncomfortable about it..
no way in hell i'd go to the gym dressed like this
(but, then again, i've never set foot into a gym..
i just hate the idea of working out
among bunch of unknown people)

Thursday, August 7

navy is the new black

dress - self made

i wonder why i never wore any navy colored clothes..
it's less harsh and easier to wear than black
it's neutral and pairs well with so many other colors
plus it looks great against ginger hair
(you can't see that in these pics, cause my hair is wet
and appears way more dark than it is..)
i also wonder why i newer sewed with jersey suede before
i love working with jersey, it's super easy fabric to work with 
and great to wear.. but is too plain, and to my eye it never really looks cool
but this suede kind has that fabulous textured finish
that plays beautifully with light
and take simple jersey dress to another dimension

Monday, August 4

by the river lim

blouse - self made
pants - self made

felt really stylish in this outfit..
looking at the photos now
it's more 'retired old lady on a cruise' than stylish