Monday, March 11

year two

it's that time of the year 
to celebrate 2nd birthday of le blog
not as busy as the year one
but here it is in pictures:

a year of fancy frocks

 year of wool jackets 

year of barefoot walks

year of poor imitations of 'the scream' 

year of new grave digging tools

year of fancy temporary homes

year when this fabulous creature was born

year of 'we can do it' ideas

and year of first collection 

welcome year three
i wonder what have you got up your sleeve

Monday, March 4

rorschach, take two



tops+dress - made by me
shoes - rish

here is the rest of my 'collection'
and you're in belgrade
come to kc grad
(brace krsmanovica 4)
next friday-saturday-sunday
17-22 h
huge thanks to elena
for freezing her butt off
to make these photos happen
huge thanks to unknown person
who dumped all the broken mannequins 
creating a great backdrop for our photo-shoot 

Friday, March 1

the help

dress - self made
bandana - new yorker 

it just struck me:
i made 'the help' dress!
it's post oscars week
 i've seen 'the help' on hbo the other day
and here i am, a week later
rocking my black maid look
and i'm lovin' it
now i wonder are all of my creations
subconsciously inspired by movies?
right before i got the idea for my rorschach printed collection
i've watched 'the ring'
maybe that can explain my sudden urge for black and white
and my silly idea that those prints have some hidden meanings
that i need to discover
this week
i'm totally hooked on stand up comedy..
so brain, i dare you to incorporate that
into my future designs! ha!