Sunday, October 21


dress - self made
blazer - gap, thrifted
belt - vintage
boots - dunno, have them for 7 or 8 years

having a week off work
one very busy week
traveling from one place to another
trying to squeeze everything i missed in past 6 months
in that one week
and.. damn it
i need more time!

Sunday, September 23

old lace (no arsenic)

dress - flea market, vintage
belt - vintage
boots - random shop

on saturday mornings
there is a flea market on one of the town squares
kid's flea market, to be exact
i bought this dress
for less than one euro
from a five years old boy
with biggest blue eyes

Sunday, September 16

bits and pieces, 2

i live in the house
one that died a bit over hundred years ago
and a bit before that
he wrote a poem
that many consider the best love poem ever written in our language
he wrote the famous poem
in this very house
i love to believe he wrote it in this room i call my own these days
it feels strange to live in his house
(ok, his wife's house, but it still feels strange)
this place should be a museum of some sort
not a temporary home of one rather strange group
of archaeologists and heavy drinkers
now, the house has nothing of the looks it once had
furniture is i believe from the 50's and 60's
almost nothing is authentic
but it still is fabulous
and light years away from the houses we usually stay in
while on excavations
sorry for the lack of posts
i'm too tired and feeling slightly blue lately
(being almost 5 months away from my other self)
not in the mood to take pictures 
not in the mood to do much at all
luckily, there is gin tonic in my near future

Sunday, July 15

lets talk books

dress - self made
sandals - novecento

when i was a kid
i rather stayed at home reading books
than going out to play with my friends
i'm one of those peeps that stay up all night
when book is too exciting
refusing to leave it, before reading the last sentence
i'll always remember the day
when winnetou died
i think that's the day when my childhood was over
i was devastated for a long time, crying and not sleeping and everything
and when it was over, i was suddenly a grown up
childhood obsession with karl may
was replaced with later obsession with henry miller
he was and is my favorite pervert (sorry charles bukowski, though i love you too)
every time i read him, i feel like i'm reading my thoughts
i feel like i know him, in some disturbing way
then it was all about good ol' edgar allan poe
then i discovered magic realism
and dived into the sea of marquez and rushdie and bulgakov
wanting to drown and stay in their fantastic worlds for good
.. i never get over any of those fellas..
midnight's children is going to be my favorite book until the day i die,
i just know it, no matter what i might read in the meantime
(i read the damn thing seven times, after all
that's how much i love it)
after that, i had a short fling with fantasy books
but it never was my thing
though i loved douglas adams a lot
then it was poetry
insane amounts of jacques prevert, and neruda, lorca, mayakovsky, stanescu
one day, it stopped..
i just stopped reading anything
and that reading vacuum went for a while
i never completely understood why 
it infected me last year, again
now all i ever want to do is read books
and than read more books
i don't have favorites anymore
give me a book
and i gonna read it
hell, i gonna devour it
and than have another one
last week favorites:
the road - cormac mccarthy
papa you're crazy - william saroyan
the ring is closed - knut hamsun
any suggestions?
and sorry my post has nothing to do with the dress from the pics
i just can't talk fashion these days
grave digging on friday the 13th sort of killed my fashion sense

Monday, June 11

frantic monday

dress - vintage, thrifted
sandals - novecento
clutch - no name

today i was reunited with my sewing machine
for the first time since i left for excavations
(these pictures have nothing to do with that
i just happened to have them around)
i made pants..
ridiculous pants, to be exact
if you remember those pants obelix wore in the comic
well, they sort of look similar
and why do i need another pair of pants?
'cause excessive beer drinking 
and morning rituals of cookie dipping 
made my zipper explode the other day
so now
i have jersey non-zipping dropped crotch pants
inspired by my favorite fat ass guy, obelix
(let's hope i don't burst those open too)

Saturday, June 2

i'm alive

dress - self made
blazer - zara, birthday gift 

in case you wondered
i'm still alive
i may need to dye my hair
i may regret these ridiculous bangs 
i may be covered in dirt and too tired to wash it off
i may have wanted to tell you a story
to tell you where i moved 
and what i've been up to lately 
to tell you about the beers and fifth century graves
about that rat i meet on my way to toilet every evening
and how i listen to the beatles way more than it's legal
and read too many books
and how i have a crush on don draper 
i may have wanted to do all that
but all i can do at this moment
is to be tired
and regret my ridiculous bangs

Saturday, May 5

owl obsessed

meet mother owl
isn't she something?
bad tempered but beautiful lady
there is only one baby owl left
the other one fell to the ground yesterday
this little fella is alone now
from his perspective
that might be a good thing
..more food for him
from my perspective
that's rather crappy
and there is neighbor's cat
spending entire day under the owl's tree
so it might get even more crappy 

Wednesday, May 2

bits and pieces

i planned to take a photo of my today's outfit 
and post it
then i planned to show you 
how beautiful mother owl is
(but was scared not to overload le blog with all the owls
.. rest of the world may not be as obsessed with them as moi)
i'm going to share with you
few details of my temporary home
every room in the house
have differently stenciled walls
that's a traditional wall decoration in this part of the country
in serbian and hungarian houses
(and probably all the others as well
this is a part of the country with very mixed population:
serbs, hungarians, slovaks, croats, romanians, rusyns and many other nationalities live here)
and that mix of nationalities
is clearly not afraid of pattern mixing

Sunday, April 29

rusty hinge

my plan for today was simple:
work work and work..
there should be four of us at excavations 
plus our boss
but others have yet to come
meaning - i have to do job of four people
to manage 3 different excavation sites 
(with a little help of my boss)
take all the pictures
make all the sketches
write all the data myself
so.. you get the idea
busy days at site
and busy afternoons by the computer
so.. i had a plan for today
plan to finish all the documentation from past week
but then the sound woke me up 
in the middle of the night
sound of the rusty hinge 
repeating every couple of seconds
one rather annoying sound
so i spent the rest of the night
trying to figure out what makes that sound
where the damn hinge is
then i spent half of the day
trying to figure out what makes that sound
found no rusty hinge
nor anything similar
by the early afternoon
my brain decided that the sound is produced by an owl chick 
(why owl? beats me.. 
my brain works in strange ways)
so i spent the rest of afternoon 
trying to prove that theory
listening dozens of different owl chick squeaks 
then i found it
sound of the long eared owl
that's what's bothering me for hours
then i tried to locate the loud fella 
and,  miraculously, i found not one, but two of them..
i tried to photograph them
and, miraculously, my boss forgot his fancy camera when he left home for weekend
so i snapped a few close-up shots
it's bedtime
job is still unfinished
'cause i dedicated my entire day to ridiculous quest
and, no matter how cute little feather balls are
sound is still annoying
is someone gonna help me
to see what's the moral of this story
i'm too tired of squeaks to do that myself 

Wednesday, April 25


getting internet happened to be
way easier than i thought
'cause we happen to have cable net
in the house we're staying at
we are located in northern serbia, in a beautiful small village
small hungarian village, to be exact
so i almost feel like being abroad
(especially when communicating with our landlady
who speaks no serbian
so we talk with our hands, drawing our thoughts in the air
and finger pointing various things)
it was rainy this morning
so we decided not to work today
and i used the afternoon to walk a lot
get to know the village
and find some nice spots for future photo shoots 
not really sure
how i ended up with billion door pictures instead
but i like this little collage i made
and thought to share it with you