Tuesday, May 26

pale blue birds

dress - burda magazine 03/2011, # 108

one of my favorite dress patterns ever
thought i'll give it another go,
but, once finished, it kind of looked ridiculous on me
(from some reason i really don't enjoy wearing this silhouette anymore)
it looks way better on tea
even if it's a size too big for her
fabric is from remnant bin
it was not supposed to look like this
should instead be black with white/yellow birds
but somehow few meters ended up
being this beautiful pale blue color instead..
goes way better with turquoise sea
than the fabric without 'mistake', right?

Tuesday, May 19

marine blue


dress - burda 10/2014, #127

finally found the right backdrop for this dress,
that was actually cut last year
and sewed back in february
and worn only once
looks like a nice dress, right?
you would never know the horrors i have to go trough
in order to get into it..
i was in a rush when sewing it
so to speed things up a bit, skipped adding zipper or any type of closure..
turns out that my head is kind of too big for the neckline
(should have anticipated that, my head is kind of too big for lot of stuff
which is why i have to buy my hats on boys department)
and i'm kind of too lazy to fix it 
(plus, i've made the most beautiful stitching on that neckline
i can't bring myself to rip it apart)..
but i guess i'll eventually have to fix it
as i really really love this dress
and it deserves to be worn more often
pics are taken by my lovely friend tea..
few weeks ago we unexpectedly ended up spending 
few fun and crazy days in croatia
on beautiful island of brac
(might write a post about that adventure, eventually)

i've even managed to find a pic of us together
so you don't think i'm making this all up..
plus, this pic shows that i indeed do smile
(i just happen to be born with resting bitch face)
if you wanna read more about tea's dress
hop on over to her space


Monday, May 11

black wrap pants

pants - burda 11/2011, #105
top - hemlock tee

so, i finally managed to sew burda's wrap pants that fit me
for this pair i chose slightly stretchy fabric
of unknown composition
(i wish stores here can tell you a bit more
about the fabrics they sell.. 
well, not the kind of stores i go to, apparently)
it's super soft and drapey
making these the most comfy pair of pants i ever made
i loved sewing with mystery fabric
so went back to the fabric store, to get more of it
but it was all gone by the time i got there
not much to say about hemlock tee
other than i love it
and will make a dozen more