Monday, January 23

they all came in black

 dress - self  made
cardigan - zara
heels - newyorker
belt - vintage

it was my birthday three days ago
this is what i wore
(minus cardigan)
there were 20 peeps at the party
18 wore black
two wore dark green
it was hilarious 
we called it funeral themed party
no-one picked the theme
but everyone followed by accident 
as a party lady
i had to stand out a bit
with lace collar 
and penny-farthing print on my dress
but.. it's still one black dress
funeral theme proved to be the great one
we had a blast
and mine red velvet cupcakes were a success 
in case you wonder
bonus photo is my new tattoo
new year gift from nikola
it's alice from wonderland
only.. dark alice 

Thursday, January 19

hawaiian winter

dress - self made
heels - newyorker

this is the dress i made 
for new year's eve 
hawaiian theme party
i loved the idea of contrast 
of colorful cocktails
  flowers in my hair and
summer dresses
while outside it's snowing heavily
and temperature is waaaay below freezing
i loved the idea
but lots of other peeps hated it i guess
they showed up wearing black
no flowers and no cocktails on their mind
they refused to dance
and sort of 'killed it' for me
so i slept the party over

Sunday, January 15


sweater - zara
shirt - dunno, have it for ages
skirt - flea market, vintage
heels - peacocks 
belt - peacocks
beret - handmade by my aunt

i'm finally back home
having a never ending laundry day
found this skirt in my closet
bought it last summer
and never wore it before
'cause i wanted to wear it with something i made
and not a single handmade garment i own goes well with it
today i realized
that world probably won't come to an end
if i wear it with something i bought

Sunday, January 8

10 days later

skirt - vintage, gift from aunt
top - self made
cardigan - newyorker
heels - newyorker

these pics were meant to be posted
before new years
but i had couple of parties to attend
and then headed to the mountains
to spend holidays with my family
and then with nikola's family
a bit more south
and i forgot all about it
(easy to do when you have no internet access)
so.. 10 days later
here i am
still up in the mountains
with my belly stuffed with christmas food
using my friends computer
while he is tattooing some pagan gods
on some other friend's back
it's snowing for days
i'm about to go sledding
hope you all had terrific holidays
happy new year
and marry christmas to all 'local' readers
(christmas in serbia was yesterday)