Thursday, May 5

on umbrellas and awards

jacket - self made
sweater - zara
wool skirt - self made
heels - peacocks
bag - vintage

i made this skirt
two years ago
wore it once
and then my grandma told me
that i look like i'm wearing an umbrella
usually i don't give a damn
about what other people think 
but my grandma likes pretty much everything
so, i believed her that my new skirt is a crappy one
and hide the poor thing for years
found it today
umbrella or not
i decided i do like it
and.. yesterday i got a blog award from stepalica 
"adorable blog award"
thank you ana.. that was surprising 
not too mad about awards though
but, since its the very first one
i am quite excited about it
and i pass this award 
to lovely oona and  anna
to do whatever they want with it
drink to it
or just ignore it
ah.. almost forgot
there were some questions to answer
1. what inspires you to name your posts?
usually the post itself
or some song i just listen to
or.. dunno.. anything
2. describe yourself in 4 words
ahm.. is this a job interview?
tenacious beer loving caterpillar
3. favorite quote
speak softly and carry a big stick
(or if you like it 'charlie brown' way
speak softly and carry a beagle)


  1. when i saw your skirt, i thought, "she always finds the coolest fabric and makes it into the coolest shapes"

    so maybe your grandma meant a very stately english parasol.

    this is the prettiest way i've ever received an award :) not that i've received that many, you know what i mean. i'll try to live up to your. Fantastic. Answers!

  2. :) well, thankyouverymuch
    though, i had some leftovers
    of this very fabric
    but skirt i made out of it is totally uncool
    (on me at least
    makes me look kind of pregnant)
    and.. i'm quite sure my grandma meant umbrella
    i also happen to know the exact umbrella she was reminded of
    big yellow one
    that she probably still own
    look forward to read your fabulous answers :)

  3. Oh my god, how weird, you're like a mirror image of me ad my waredrobe! Great to see a like minded lover all all thigs insanely colourful! :)

  4. Oops sorry for the lack of n's there, on my sisters computer and her keyboard's wonky and incredibly annoying!

  5. i loveloveloved your outfit posts
    on food, flora and felines
    and photos are just lovely
    really nice to meet you
    color loving twin :)

  6. What a stupid I am! I hadn't seen this! Thank you so much, I'll respond soon.

  7. i'm a stupid one..
    should have let you know that i pass this award to you :)

  8. I love the skirt, and the combination of said skirt with the lovely jacket. So creative and pretty!

  9. thank you, meli
    now i'm really glad i gave this skirt a second chance :)