Thursday, July 14

salvage dress

dress - self made
clutch - self made

green stripey part
used to be harem pants that i made
but i was not satisfied with those
black and white dotted part 
used to be a dress
balloon dress
that made me look like a troll 
needless to say i was not satisfied with that neither
the lace was trim of one very nice dress
one that i made for my friend's wedding
fabric of that dress was gorgeous 
but insanely cheap 
two hours into the wedding party
my dress started to fall apart
first i had holes under my arms
then it turned to more and more holes
damn dress for sure was not satisfied with me
this dress i like
even if, according to my mother, my ass looks huge in it

Monday, July 11

new toys

dress - flea market, refashioned 
wedges - no name

not bad for a 1 euro dress
and 15 minutes of sewing
and i have a new camera lens
hello blurry backgrounds!

Thursday, July 7


this is going to be a different kind of post
i-need-your-help kind of post
ladies and gents
today i've been pretending
to be a photographer
fashion photographer, none the less
tomorrow is the last day
of my short photography course
and i'm supposed to present one
and only one photography
from today's shoot
i have a problem with that
'cause my model was amazing
so i ask you to help me choose

Monday, July 4

pool time

swimsuit - self made
maxi skirt - self made
sandals - novecento

if i ever get invited to a pool party
this is what i'll wear
last time i owned one-piece swimsuit
 back in elementary school i think
it was black and white stripey swimsuit
after few days in the sun
i earned same stripey pattern on my body
it was hilarious 
then i changed to bikinis
then i discovered nudism
i'm still not sure if i ever gonna wear this one
i love it
but it's just way too much fabric
and i like to get dry fast
may be my new archeology uniform
with shorts of some kind
(would make my farmers tan a bit less insane)
until then
i get to wear it as a top

Sunday, July 3


dress - vintage (altered a bit, and hemmed)
flats - bueno

last day of take-away fashion event
and i'm late again
so we gonna chat a bit some other time

Friday, July 1

purple ginger

top - no name
skirt - self made (for sale)
sandals - novecento

made ginger ale the other day
(never tried it before
but i found the recipe online
and thought to give it a try)
i hate it
maybe i screwed it up
how can i know
dunno what it's supposed to taste like
i drink it anyways
(i believe it still might be one of these things
like olives
that you hate first time you try them
and a bit later you can't live without)
one more thing
starts today
visit me if you are around