Friday, November 25


started working on this blazer 
all the way back in 2014, when the pattern was out
(it's pattern no.126, from april issue of burda 2014)..
and then did my standard thingie of messing up welt pockets
and abandoning the whole thing for a year
then this april i tried to get back to it
even got the pockets fixed by my friend boris
finished the lapels, sewed the lining
and abandoned it one more time
but it bugged me
i'm not a fan of unfinished things..
so, some time ago, i finished it finally
and, then made 5 more in a week
because i'm strange like that

i simplified it a bit
there should be back went, but i skipped it
blazer is wide enough without it..
i also skipped metal buckle closure,
and have made the blazer one size smaller than i usually would
only blazer #1 has welt pockets
made as per pattern instructions..
damn pockets are to be blamed that it took me 
two years and a half to finish the blazer,
and when i finally did finish it
they proved to be completely useless 
so i added simple patch pockets to other blazers instead

i know it sounds kind of nuts to sew 6 almost identical blazers
but i wanted to master lapel inserting 
and really enjoyed the process :D
also, i plan to keep only blazer #1 (it's already getting crazy amount of wear)
and sell the rest of them


i see many more blazers in future
maybe not from this pattern, but more complicated ones
as there's so many skills i'd like to master
(starting from welt pockets, that i menage to mess
way too often)

Friday, November 11

hummingbird bomber jacket

bomber jacket - burda magazine 10/2016/#122 modified
dress - burda magazine 09/2012/#107

couple months ago
i found this amazing fabric in remnant bin of my favorite fabric shop
and, as i've never seen anything like it, i had to have it
(bonus is that it was pretty cheap, as it had a misprinted part)
fabric is double faced, it's basically a thick gray sweatshirting fabric
that has teal fabric with hummingbird print fused to it's back
the idea was to find a bomber jacket pattern
and then use both sides of fabric to make that jacket
to 'play' with it a bit..
dunno why i landed on this particular pattern
probably out of laziness, as it's only 3 simple pieces to trace and cut..
but i kind of wish i chose a different one
 i mean, there is at least 10 of them that burda released in recent years
with all kinds of silhouettes
and i went for the boxiest one..
anyways, i made size 36, which is a size smaller than what i usually sew
and it was still so grotesquely wide once sewn
 i ended up taking it in quite a lot, at side seams and sleeves too..
and i mean a lot, my jacket is probably 20cm narrower than burda's..
it was an easy fix, but a lot of fabric got wasted in that process
if i'd chosen a different pattern
i'd had a bit of the fabric left for future projects
this way, i have only misprinted parts left..
that aside, i love the jacket i got in the end
i did not line it
but have used seam allowances as a 'design feature'
and topstitched them all down 
it took some time, but i think it looks nice
both inside and out 
(actually, if i'd menage to find a double sided zipper
it could have been a double sided jacket)