Monday, June 11

frantic monday

dress - vintage, thrifted
sandals - novecento
clutch - no name

today i was reunited with my sewing machine
for the first time since i left for excavations
(these pictures have nothing to do with that
i just happened to have them around)
i made pants..
ridiculous pants, to be exact
if you remember those pants obelix wore in the comic
well, they sort of look similar
and why do i need another pair of pants?
'cause excessive beer drinking 
and morning rituals of cookie dipping 
made my zipper explode the other day
so now
i have jersey non-zipping dropped crotch pants
inspired by my favorite fat ass guy, obelix
(let's hope i don't burst those open too)

Saturday, June 2

i'm alive

dress - self made
blazer - zara, birthday gift 

in case you wondered
i'm still alive
i may need to dye my hair
i may regret these ridiculous bangs 
i may be covered in dirt and too tired to wash it off
i may have wanted to tell you a story
to tell you where i moved 
and what i've been up to lately 
to tell you about the beers and fifth century graves
about that rat i meet on my way to toilet every evening
and how i listen to the beatles way more than it's legal
and read too many books
and how i have a crush on don draper 
i may have wanted to do all that
but all i can do at this moment
is to be tired
and regret my ridiculous bangs