Monday, December 30

last one

tessuti fave top - self made
shorts - self made

i promise this is the last shorts post!
not last one ever, but at least until spring..
i promise this is the last post with pics shot on that ugly terrace too..
but can't promise i won't make another 27 fave tops in near future

happy new year, y'all!
have fun in those sparkly party dresses tomorrow night!

Thursday, December 26


tessuti fave top - self made
shorts - self made, for sale
beret - made by my aunt
tights - torn, sorry about that

love this top!
totally my fave at the moment
it's huge and shapeless, gray and made out of wool
and can be worn with shorts..
all of my current favorite things at once
almost done with holiday sewing
should finish the present for my brother
and i'm off
gonna spend some time up in the mountains
(fingers crossed it's gonna snow a lot)
marry christmas to everyone celebrating
and happy new year to the rest of you

Thursday, December 19

diy frenzy

shorts - self made
blazer - self made
shirt - vintage, gift

decided to take the diy gift route this holiday season
well.. it was more of a necessity, than a decision
as i really can't afford to buy any gifts at the moment..
so.. i'm pretty much a mess these days
and my apartment looks like bunch of hyperactive burglars broke in
and demolished everything
and the fact that in the middle of that diy marathon
 i got obsessed with shorts making
doesn't help at all
at this moment
i'm working on a bunny toy
(silly right.. but i'm not really a holiday person
and i like bunnies better that reindeers
so, what the heck)
and couple of bags and few shirts and pants
i just made bath bombs
(not quite successful ones, though)
and i also plan to sew a sparkly holiday dress for me
and, because that obviously is not enough
i plan to make a brand new winter coat for me
so.. i can't leave the city
until i'm done with all that diy-ing
and i really hate the city this time of the year
all the firecrackers and mass hysteria drive me nuts
(which is the reason why i spend my new year's eves 
in the middle of nowhere)
so.. i have about a week to finish all that
10 days at most..
luckily, christmas in this parts of the world
won't come until 7th of january
so, i might just make it

Monday, December 16

singing in the rain

shorts - self made
shirt - mom's, from the 70's
blazer - moschino cheap and chic, gift
shoes - doc martens, flea market (2 euros!?)

from some reason
this outfit makes me so happy! 
i feel like some movie character from past
dunno what should i do first:
burst into some musical act
be blown by the east wind all the way to london
or sell someone cigarettes?


Thursday, December 12

red transformation

blouse - thrifted
skirt - self made

this skirt used to be shorts of a sort
huge and ugly one..
my aunt gave it to me
she said: you can transform it into something wearable!
and i never say no to a good challenge
so, last march i made this pencil skirt
back then, i still lived in denial
of how much weight i gained over the last year
so i made the skirt using a pattern i used for my previous pencil skirts
and it ended up being a size or two smaller than it should be
it's a pretty little skirt
 i remember being quite happy with how it turned out
i saved the original pockets from the shorts
and original hem too
i finished it, and was so excited to try it on
and it was so ridiculously small
it made me feel horrible
so i hid the skirt away
and managed to comfort myself with some cookies
a ton of cookies and few zipper bursts later
i decided i've had enough
and it's time to do something about it
one round of insanity and t25 workouts later
i'm not only able to finally wear my red skirt
but i feel like a whole new person
both physically and mentally

Thursday, December 5

horror leggings

blazer – thrifted, altered
top – self made
leggings – self made
beanie, gloves, socks - nikola's

 made my first pair of leggings a month or two ago
it was so easy and so fast, i was amazed!
in my opinion, leggings should be an ultimate beginners sewing project
can’t think of anything more simple
since that first pair
i made many more.. for me
and for my grandma
(fluffy and warm ones that she can wear all winter, instead of tights)
and then all of the grandma’s friends wanted leggings
and then i needed warm ones
and fancy ones
and shiny ones
and crazy print ones..
even nikola wants me to make him a pair
so he can wear them under pants, when it’s really cold outside
 this pair is my absolute favorite so far!
print is another one of ‘lucky mistake’ finds
another one that went ‘wrong’ in such a wonderful way
nikola calls them ‘horror leggings’
says there is something a bit eerie in that print
and i agree.. that's the reason why i liked the print in the first place..
lately we are obsessed with american horror story
and when you watch too many episodes in one day
everything looks a bit eerie i guess

Wednesday, November 27

pajamas party

pj set - self made

it's snowing for days
and i'm having hard time accepting that
so i just avoid going out, or looking through the window
and dress like i'm honeymooning in hawaii
as a result
i earned a nasty cough
and have to spend time under mountain of blankets
drinking hot tea and strange homemade remedies..
and of course
now that i can't go out
all i wanna do is walk through the snow
or start a snowball fight
in other news
i cut my hair..
should have done so long time ago
poor thing was crying for some tlc

Friday, November 22

lucky mistakes

dress - self made

my favorite fabrics
are those from remnant boxes
and not only because of their low price
but because they often come in unusual prints
prints that happened by accident
fabric i used for this dress
was supposed to be beige
with rows of colorful flowers printed all over
(you can spot those flowers at the skirt hem)
but something went wrong
and these 1.5 meters of fabric
ended up almost without flowers
having this gray leaking pattern instead