Friday, July 24

transformer dress

dress - burda magazine 6/2015, #118, slightly modified

got this satin fabric as a gift from my friend  tea..
i totally flipped over its geometric b&w print
and it took me a while to find the right pattern
that is going to showcase that print in best way possible
the burda maxi dress pattern i ended up using
wasn't on my list of possible candidates at all
that burda dress looked a bit bulky and shapeless
but then i saw few versions made in flowy fabrics
and i saw a potential in it
i skipped central front and back seams,
did  not want to break the print
so i cut the fabric on fold
front and back are both made using the same pattern piece
but i cut my front piece narrower
(well, i had to do it
as i did not have enough fabric to cut it as pattern suggested
and it turned out to do the trick, and reduce that extra bulk
so, if i'm ever to make this dress again
gonna cut my fabric the same way)
the most obvious change to the pattern
was crossing the shoulder seams
original dress has v neck at front and back
but the way i sewed shoulder seams
allows me to totally change the way dress looks
(there is even one more possibility that i failed to photograph
and that creates one shoulder dress)

and, of course, the dress can be worn without the sash belt
and that's pretty much how i wear it these days
it's been insanely hot these days
and living in a tent is my way to deal with it
(and, once the night falls
i can change the neckline, cinch my waist
and i'm party ready in a moment)