Tuesday, December 15


dress - burda magazine (12/2015, #109b)

mocha colored version in quilted jersey 
is actually version #2
as i messed up my version #1 dress in yellow wool (see pics bellow)
but #2 i like..
i only had 1.2 m of fabric
and pattern calls for 2.1 m
so i had to piece my sleeves from scraps
and i really like how they look now
with those horizontal seams
#1 has a lot of issues in shoulder area
as it's way too tight on me
and sleeves are oddly shaped and too wide,
but most of the issues are my fault
as i was lazy, and decided to sew sleeves in flat
rather than sewing them in the round
(and then i even overlocked the seams
before trying the dress on
so i can't fix it now)
so, lesson learned.. from now on
no more muslin playing with fancy wool fabrics
for the #2 i sewed the sleeves 
the way they are intended to be sewn
so that, and the fact that i used slightly stretchy fabric,
helped with most of the issues
and the dress fits way better

here is #1
in all it's oddness..
i tried to make up for the mistakes
by hamming everything by hand
but it's still a mess

i've also finished knitting my barndom shawl, by westknits
it's huge and super soft and drapey
(and it's also version #2
but this time not because i messed up #1
but because i made #1 for a friend
and then i had to have one myself)


Thursday, December 3


made bunch of colorful cowls in chunky yarn..
all are knitted in round, to avoid seaming,
so i had to modify stitching a bit
blue one is in trinity stitch

red is a stitch from book '400 knitting stitches'
called mock english rib 2, or something like that

bubblegum pink, in linen stitch

green in flat knot stitch

orange, another one from 400 stitches book
not sure witch one

this one is not in chunky yarn
it's fingering weight variegated yarn
but i used 7mm needles
(it's linen stitch again, i'm crazy about it)
i've also made dress with big blue dots
and the top from last photo