Friday, April 24

impossible jacket

jacket - burda 09/2014, #134

the jacket that almost didn't happen
first i cut the pieces in fashion fabric
(navy colored tweed, with splotches of gray)
only to realize that the fabric is too thin for the type of jacket i had in mind
even with quilted lining i bought
so i had to go back to fabric store
and find another wool fabric
(brown boiled wool, not pictured)
to use it as underlining
when i finally started working on jacket
i made the craziest mistake ever
by sewing my first welt pocket
to the back jacket piece!?
so i abandoned the whole project
until i figure out what to do
as i used up almost all the fabric
and could not cut new back piece
in the end i realized i have enough fabric
to cut lower half of the back piece
and piece it with upper half of original one
so, the jacket now has a horizontal seam at the back
from that moment on
jacket was quite easy to assemble
(but it took me 4 months to get to that moment
and one afternoon to do the rest of the work)
those funny gray concentric circles
are my poor attempt in embroidery
and are supposed to represent tree growth rings..
nikola is a forester
so i thought he might like them because of that
plus, jacket ended up being present for his birthday
that happens to be our 10th anniversary too
so to  honor that, i made 10 circles in attempt of applied dendrochronology..
so yeah, im cheesy like that

Friday, April 10


here are the other tops i've made
using burda's pattern (2/2015, #128 and #127)
(modeled by my lovely friend sandra)
this pattern requires small amount of fabric
especially if you make short sleeve version
which makes it a perfect scrap busting project:
all three tops were made from scrap fabrics
first one is made in cotton satin
and looks a bit more boxy
than red/black/white one
that is made in georgette
i've also made pants (burda 11/2011, #105)
but they ended up being a bit small for me
(they fit at the waist and hips
but i apparently have gigantic calf muscles)
so, i'll have to make another pair 

for the third, cropped top version 
i used cotton shirting..
pairs beautifully with tea's scalloped skirt, right?


Friday, April 3

id green

top - burda (2/2015, #128)
shorts - burda (10/2010, #111)

would you believe that the top i'm wearing here
is actually this one:

while i did skip all the seams at back
front and sleeve seams are all there (somewhere)
but the print totally hides them
i adore the top and fabric
but it kind of looked like missed opportunity
so i made few more tops using the same pattern
but played a bit with fabrics
in order to show all those seams
(gonna post about those other tops, eventually)