Thursday, June 30


bow tie blouse - self made (for sale)
skirt - self made (for sale)
wedges - no name

watched moschino spring/summer 2011 collection
like billion times
i'm crazy about every single garment
(and they are crazy too, each outfit costs
few thousand euros)
i spent that much on clothes
in past 10 years i think
so.. nope.. no moschino for me
at least no real one
but how you like my moschino inspired look?

Wednesday, June 29

blue cherries

shirt - dunno, i have it for 10 years
skirt - self made (for sale)
flats - women's secret

fell in love with this print
the moment i saw it
not only that it's cherries print
but something went wrong
and cherries turned out blueberry colored 
and there is nothing i love more
then a thing with 'mistake'
one that refuses to fit in
one a bit different then the rest

Tuesday, June 28

club tropicana

top - vintage
skirt - self made
belt - peacocks
flats - zara

..all that's missing is the sea..
have one more dark secret to share with you
not about moustache man this time
but one strange fear of mine
ever since i was a kid
i believed that people in buses can read my mind
(only short distance buses though, 
city buses in particular)
tried with non-thinking when i ride a bus
but it somehow always fail
in the end i've found a solution
 most of the time
when i'm in a bus i think in english
not too much of evil bus mind readers understands english
that's for sure

Sunday, June 26

take-away fashion, warm up

blouse - self made
skirt - self made (for sale)
wedges - peacocks

i'm in a sewing frenzy again
is starting this friday
so i have few more days 
to sew everything i planned to
(yes, i had a month to do it
but i somehow always end up
doing everything in last couple days
or hours)
have a lots of new skirts to show you
but with nikola away
i'm having quite a hard time photographing them
 (he is coming tomorrow, though
so stay tuned)
i don't like these photos
at all
but i also don't like standing on a street
with tripod and no remote
walking back and fort 
looking like a lunatic
and getting funny comments
so.. good ol' ugly terrace it is
and unwilling assistance of one grumpy brother

Wednesday, June 22

mom's day

 top - mom's old top
skirt - flea market
bag - flea market
wedges - non branded

it's sort of mom's day
mom is here for a short visit
i cleaned my whole flat for that occasion 
for the first time in a while
and made one of her favorite dessert's 
(something like profiteroles, only bigger)
she took my outfit photos
talked about her flowers
and admired my flea market goodies
(mom loves anything that costs next to nothing)

Tuesday, June 21

fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high

sunflower dress - flea market
belt - peacocks
straw hat - grandma's 
wedges - non branded
straw bag - vintage, from flea market

summertime calls for sunflower dresses 
and straw hats 
and note my farmers tan arms
very summery too

Monday, June 20

les capris

top - self made
capris - self made
hat - grandma's
wedges - non branded

i don't like pants
at all
only time i do wear them
is when i'm climbing mountains
and when i work at some archeological site
the other day
i got a phone call 
saying there might be some excavation starting soon
so, i decided i need a new pair of pants
and here is what i came up with yesterday
this morning
the impossible happened
i felt excited about wearing the pants
and i still wear them
(might as well sleep in them tonight
that's how much i like them)
now i think it would be a sin
to ruin my precious capris kneeling in dirt all day long
so i have to make one more pair

Saturday, June 18


dress - self made
wedges - non branded
belt - peacocks

i've known the time and date
of high school reunion party
for months
and yet, i decided to sew my dress
and buy shoes
and dye my hair
the very last day before i headed west
to attend the party
last stitch was finished at precisely 4:34 am
quick nap later
i was in a bus
there was no panic involved
during that crazy day
with no deadlines to get me going
my super powers disappeared 
i'm sitting here, lazy and still
come closer
and punch me in the face
that might help

Thursday, June 16


halter top - vintage
skirt - flea market 1 euro h&m
belt - peacoks
bag - flea market
flats - aldo

in case you wonder
where the hell am i
well.. i just got back
from past
and i had a blast
this time
reason for time traveling
was high school reunion
so.. i went back to my birthplace
back home
(i do not live there for 10 years
but still do consider it the home)
stumbled upon some old letters
(real letters, if you still remember those
handwritten on paper)
back in elementary and high school
i used to write and receive tons of those
was looking for something else
and.. surprise! here it was
pile of old letters
carefully tied together with a string
needless to say i read them all
they made me laugh
and grin and smile
made me think of me, 15 years ago
how i felt, what i liked, what i feared
made me sad
'cause i couldn't remember
some of the people who send those letters to me
made me wonder
what i wrote back to them
made me wonder
where are these forgotten people now
have they forgotten me as well
emotional time traveler i am
expect more of that to come
with whatiworetoreunion post