Tuesday, May 31

walk down the old street

fringe top - terranova
skirt - self made
belt - peacoks
flats - novecento
bag - vintage (flea market 1 euro find, from last week)

one can never have enough circle skirts

Sunday, May 29

screaming room

top - self made
skirt - self made
heels - peacocks
bag - non branded 

c'est moi
in between two silos
yesterday on mikser festival
before it started to rain
and then to rain really badly
for hours and hours
all the art exibitions
are taking place in those silos
(not just these two, but many many more)
in one of them
is screaming room
and when you scream and make noise
this blue light changes
making insane patterns on the wall
so we screamed 
a lot

Thursday, May 26

mikser festival, day 1

top - self made
skirt - vintage, flea market
flats - tally weijl
clutch - non branded 
owl softies - self made

first day of mikser festival over
and it was sooo much fun
been to some great exhibitions 
(that's what the last pic is about) 
in a hurry
'cause i'm already late for the day 2
made these owls this morning
will be selling them among other things today
so.. visit me if you can

Monday, May 23


belt - vintage
heels - peacocks 

i have a confession to make
when i was a child
i had a serious crash on clark gable
and therefore all the men with moustache

Saturday, May 21

nice day to start again

dress - self made

my new favorite dress
made two nights ago
back from the country
sooner then i wanted to
there are two reasons for that
reason one
though i'm in love with the nature
nature kind of hates me
giving me allergies
one flower bouquet cost me some 327 sneezes
and i happen to love wandering trough the field 
picking flowers
reason two
i have to sew sew sew 
 to finish all these garments i planned to
since the next week i'll bee selling them
random fact
i just found a tick
on my lower stomach
appears that nature in some of its forms
do love me
(again, it's not vice versa
so i brutally murdered the poor creature)

Thursday, May 19

under the walnut tree

dress - self made
rubber boots - my grandma's

pics from last week
from my country trip
guess what
i'm packing up again
to go to the very same place
grandma called
to let me know that cherries are red enough
so my cousin and i decided to 
pay a surprise visit to grandma and cherries and the country
gonna make myself a new stash 
of cherry brandy

Wednesday, May 18

beat the blues

dress - self made
cardigan - zara
flats - novecento

this is one of my favorite dresses
very first maxi dress i made
two years ago
cheap, fast and easy to make
and yet, the one that earned me
more compliments then those elaborate ones
that i've spent hours or even days working on

Tuesday, May 17

guide to mood swinging

dress - self made
cardigan - zara
belt - vintage
bag - vintage
flats - novecento

how to ruin a perfect day?
first you wake up in sunny disposition
have a great morning
 coffee and cookies and book
pinch of good ol' jazz
just to spice it up
then you get out
and wait for a very crowded bus
make sure there is at least two loonies in it
and at least five people that do not bath 
more often then twice a year
also, make sure you don't get out of that bus
not before the very last bus stop
not before you are squeezed as a lemon
when you do get out of it
make sure its raining
and you don't have an umbrella 
('cause, of course, you don't like umbrellas
so why bother having one)
and voila
perfect day ruined
disposition rainy 
how do you win your day back?
go to the biggest shoe store you can find
and try every single pair of shoes you like
just for the fun of it
(you can not afford any shoes
but they don't know that)
when you're done playing around
go to the flea market
and get two lovely vintage dresses
for 1 euro
from gipsy lady
who probably dumpster dived them

Saturday, May 14

a sunny day

dress - zara (refashioned.. it was waaay too short
so i added two layers of white fabric to the bottom
to make it longer, and kind of match to the collar)
slip - self made
belt - vintage
flats - novecento
bag - vintage

our country house
is a half-hour walk away from the village
if you follow this dirt road
(if you can find it in all the grass)
i'm packing up again
going to the west this time
back to my home town
to attend my cousin's wedding

Friday, May 13

cats, lizards and freeclimbers

this is not a fashion post
though i have sooo many outfit photos
from this trip
i gonna show you those
some other day
today i wanna share
some of the great moments we had
and show you few lovely creatures we met
our garden is home to many green lizards
i just love love love them
this little fella was the only one without a tail
and the only one i manage to picture
(out of a dozen we saw)
second day of our trip
we visited some friends
went free climbing
(i chickened out and quietly watched)
and met their lovely pets
(turtle, and cats one and two
cats three and four refused to pose for me)
last picture is moi
not letting hitchhiking bore me
rest of the time
we spent with my grandma
eating variety of nettle pies
and doing lots of dirty jobs 
moving piles of bricks and sand and stone
from one corner of the property to the other
(lovely moments that somehow failed to be photographed)